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Social Media Side Effects: Your child does not listen to social media more than you?

Social Media Side goods Your child doesn't hear to social media more than you? 

Social Media Side goods Do you know what's veritably important for parents and their children? Know that social media – despite its fashionability – can have some dangerous goods on all of us. And when it comes to children and teenagers in the 21st century, according to a report, it was honored that Snapchat is the most liked and used social media platform by teenagers, followed by TikTok and Instagram. 


Specially, Instagram has the loftiest operation as compared to Snapchat and TikTok. We all know that social media has come an essential part of all of our lives, especially for people after 13- times. But we all have heard that everything has a limit and if that limit is exceeded, the thing only harms us, this applies to social media as well. Also let’s know how social media is affecting your child 

1- Detrimental to Mental Health

Mental health refers to your cerebral, emotional, and social well- being. inordinate use of social media can affect the way teens suppose, reply and act. According to an composition in Health Matters, the average age at which a child opens a social media account is 12 साढ़े. 

When a teen spends further time online, the result is that they spend lower time interacting with their peers in real life. When teens spend 3 to 6 hours or further online, it limits that quantum of time. Due to which the internal health of the child is also affected poorly. 


2- Disturbed Sleep

The most common problem faced by teenagers is disturbances in sleeping patterns due to inordinate use of social media. According to a study from the University of Glasgow, the further social media is used by adolescents, the more likely they're to fall asleep and frequently wake up during the night. 


3- Depression

“ We've a sad generation with happy filmland ”. According to one study, about 48 of teens who spend 5 hours a day on screen have at least one self-murder threat factor. Also, social media is sluggishly taking you towards depression. 


4- Anxiety

Social media has created a “ culture of comparison that has led to disquiet among youth. A study shows that teens now face the pressure of social media as they revolve around problems related to social standing and tone- expression. ” They've to be like everyone differently, as shown on social media, they start fussing if they aren't suitable to do so. 

5- Cyberbullying

We all have heard of cyberbullying and for those who have n’t, cyberbullying is a type of bullying or importunity also known as online bullying using electronic means. Cyberbullying is one of the most negative goods of social media. is believed. For illustration, someone may post negative commentary or stories about you that can have other social media goods on teens. 


These goods can be 


low Tone- regard 

social anxiety and further