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Apple to shift major part of iPhone production from China to India

Apple to shift major part of iPhone product from China to India 

Global smartphone and tech company Apple last month blazoned the launch of manufacturing of some models of its new iPhone 14 series in India. This is being seen as part of the company’s plan to reduce manufacturing in China. Due to adding pressure between the US and China, numerous American companies are changing their strategy regarding business in China. 

The assembly of iPhone 14 series smartphones for the Indian request has begun at Foxconn’s factory near Chennai, which is contract manufacturing for Apple. Last week it was reported that Apple has decided to make some product of AirPods and Beats headphones in India for the first time. Critic Ming Chi Kuo Tweets Tax has explained how the company plans to reduce its dependence on China. telling important findings from the force chain check, he has given information about the company’s strategy related to force chain operation. This includes shifting the bulk of the product of the iPhone to India and moving some of the product and assembling of the MacBook to Thailand. 


Kuo said that Apple plans to mate with the Tata Group for the global iPhone assembly business in India. Taiwan’s electronics manufacturing enterprises Pegatron or Wistron could also be involved in this plan. further than 80 percent of iPhones made in India are vended in the country. 

iphone from india import has exceeded one billion bones since April. This is indicating India’s getting a major force in electronics manufacturing. At the current rate of exports of the company, this figure can reach$2.5 billion by March coming time. Apple substantially exports the iPhone made in India to Europe and the Middle East. In the last fiscal time, the company exported smartphones worth about$1.3 billion from India. still, India’s share in the total product of iPhone is veritably less. The increase in exports is a good progress for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s plan to make the country an volition to China as a product mecca. Apple has been producing utmost of its iPhones in China for numerous times.