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5G Network: This company will update the phone’s software in November-December for 5G, see what is the reason

5G Network This company will modernize the phone’s software in November- December for 5G, see what's the reason 

5G Service Providers In India 5G network service has started in the country, but this service isn't being supported in numerous phones. Let us tell you that the Modi government at the Center wants to work veritably presto regarding the 5G network with veritably fast internet installation. After which now smartphone makers Samsung and Apple and iPhone have decided to modernize the software of their 5G network phones in India in November- December. 

Not getting the benefit of 5G service

Let us tell you that the Prime Minister in the country Narendra Modi had blazoned the launch of 5G services on 1 October 2022. Also, big telecom companies of the country like Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio had planned to give this service in select metropolises. Poor networks and detainments in conforming software by smartphone companies to 5G services have left utmost people in these metropolises unfit to pierce these services. 


What are the demands of the government

The intention of the government is that companies should be ready for 5G as soon as possible because this won't only give veritably fast internet but will increase the pace of profitable progress as well as produce jobs. 


what the apple company said

Apple Company said on Wednesday that it'll start 5G software update for iPhone druggies from December. This point will be available on iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 and iPhone SE. The company said that it's working with its mates in India to bring the stylish 5G experience to iPhone druggies as soon as possible. It said that the network verification and testing of quality and performance have been completed. 


Samsung will update by November

On the other hand, South Korean handset maker Samsung says that it'll modernize all 5G bias bymid-November. A Samsung India prophet says that, we're working nearly with our operating mates and are ready to roll out OTA updates to our 5G bias bymid-November, 2022. 

Telecom Ministry called a meeting

Let us tell you that lakhs of people in India have 5G ready phones, but they aren't suitable to mileage the services satisfactorily, in view of which elderly officers of the Department of Telecommunications and Ministry of Information Technology on Wednesday asked smartphone companies and telecom drivers. Have a meeting with.