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YouTuber hits Apple Watch Ultra with hammer, table breaks before watch

YouTuber hits Apple Watch Ultra with hammer, table breaks before watch 

New Delhi. A popular YouTuber tested the continuity of the Apple Watch Ultra. The purpose of this test was to check whether the claims made by the company regarding the smartwatch are true or false. Let us know that Apple lately introduced a new watch at the iPhone 14 launch event. During this, the company had said that this is the strongest Apple Watch ever. The company claimed that the Apple Watch Ultra can stand up to any condition. 

During testing, YouTuber TechRax slammed the watch on the ground, placed it in a nail box and pounded it. To check the continuity of the watch, the YouTuber first dropped the watch from a height of about four bases, causing minor scrapes and dents. After this he threw the watch in a jar of nails, but despite this, there was no scrape on the display or case of the watch. still, the swatch of the watch got a little dirty. 


After hitting with a hammer, the

YouTuber did the coming test with a hammer. YouTuber pounded the watch several times one after the other. During this, he kept the watch on a table. The surprising thing is that the table broke before the watch broke. still, the watch stopped working due to forging seven times. In such a situation, it may be that some internal corridor of the watch have been damaged due to which the watch isn't working. 


Impressive Durability

Indeed after this, the YouTuber continued to hammer the watch and eventually the display and case of the watch broke after about 10 passes. Considering that the Apple Watch Ultra managed to survive 2- 3 original successes, it can be said that the continuity of the watch is relatively good. Because no person will hit the watch 10 times with a hammer. In such a situation, this videotape is going to give relief to the druggies. 


Let us tell you that Apple Watch Ultra is veritably precious in India and it's available at a starting price of Rs 89,900. The smartwatch is formerly on trade and interested buyers can buy it and other platforms.