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Whatsapp free calling to be chargeable soon, Know why the government is going to take this step

Whatsapp free calling to be chargeable soon, Know why the government is going to take this step 

WhatsApp Free Calling There's bad news for WhatsApp druggies who do calling or videotape calling from the app. Popular social media platforms can now ask to pay for calling. Let’s know in detail 

Whatsapp free calling to be chargeable soon WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other apps that let you make absolutely free calls may soon ask you to pay, if TRAI’s offer is enforced. Grounded on a report in The Economic Times, the Department of Telecommunications( fleck) has asked the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India( TRAI) to express its views on the ultimate’s offer to regulate internet- grounded calls. There has been pressure from telecom drivers and service providers to consider the principle of “ same service, same rules ” for the entire assiduity. 

Department of Telecommunications said this thing 

TRAI originally transferred this offer back in 2008, when mobile internet in India was still in its early stages. fleck has now responded to the offer, asking TRAI to come up with a comprehensive environment. This is being done due to the change in the technological terrain with the emergence of new technologies. The new rules have been asked to be made keeping in mind the Internet telephone drivers and indeed OTT players. 

No more free calls on the internet? 

The original recommendation of TRAI was made back in 2008. It was stated that Internet Service Providers( ISPs) may be permitted to give Internet calls over the normal telephone network. still, they must pay for connection freights, install valid interception outfit and misbehave with multiple security agencies. This issue was raised formerly again in 2016- 17 when the issue of net impartiality was in the news. still, the fleck is now considering the offer. 

Telecom drivers are said to have been demanding a invariant law for all internet- grounded calling and messaging services for a long time. “ They should pay the same position of license figure, misbehave with legal restrictions, regulation of quality of service,etc., as applicable to telecom drivers and Internet Service Providers( ISPs), ” the report said. 


Still, druggies who calculate heavily on free texting and calling services like Google Duo, WhatsApp, If such a law is ultimately passed. will have to pay for the services.. It remains to be seen how tariffs and charges will be enforced on these services, given that everything on the Internet is grounded on data packets.