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What is cookies and how to clear it from iphone? Know every step

What's cookies and how to clear it from iphone? Know every step 

Cookies are small lines that websites store on the phone. This helps in flashing back the information about the stoner's visit. still, it's veritably important to clear these cookies from time to time. 

New Delhi. numerous times you may have entered a announcement to accept cookies while opening the website. In such a situation, numerous times the question must have come in your mind that what are cookies after all? So let us tell you what cookies are. Actually, cookies are small lines that a website stores on your phone or computer to help it flash back information about you and your visit. 


Websites use cookies to flash back the way the runner is displayed. still, occasionally these cookies can come a problem for you. In such a situation, whether it's an iPhone or an Android phone, you always need to keep clearing them. 

No need to download fresh operations 


Clearing cookies on iPhone is veritably easy. This process won't take important of your time. Also, you don't indeed need to download any fresh operation for this. Before deleting cookies , first of all it's necessary to keep in mind that which web cybersurfer you use, you have to clear the cookies of that cybersurfer. 

How to clear cookies on iphone. 


Step 1. To clear cookies on iPhone, first open the Settings app. 

Step 2. Now valve on Safari( web cybersurfer). 

Step 3. Go to the Advance runner and valve on “ Website Data ”. On this runner, you will see the size of the cookie lines for the website stored on your iPhone. 

Step 4. still, go to the “ Edit ” menu and also tap on the red icon to the left wing of the point name, If you only want to remove cookies for spots. After opting your choice then, confirm by tapping the “ cancel ” option. 

Step 5. still, also valve on “ Remove All Website Data ” and confirm the omission by clicking on “ Remove Now ” option on the popup window, If you want to cancel all cookies at formerly rather of deleting cookies of some websites. 


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