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Useful thing: You also need Tatkal passport, you can apply in minutes; this is the way

Useful thing You also need Tatkal passport, you can apply in twinkles; this is the way

It isn't possible to travel abroad without a passport. To travel abroad, people plan about 6 months in advance. Although numerous times it happens that there's a need to travel in exigency but the passport isn't there. In such a situation, there's a need to make a passport incontinently.


New Delhi We need a passport to travel by air, trip abroad. Passport is such an sanctioned ID that contains the details of nation or citizenship of any person. This is the reason why we need a passport for air trip to any other country. numerous times it happens that we may suddenly have to travel by air to another country, be it because of studies or because of job. In such a situation, if we don't have a passport, also we've to apply for a passport. So what can we do?


There are two modes of passport operation – a normal passport operation and a Tatkal passport operation.


still, also its process takes about 29 to 45 days, so the Ministry of External Affairs has set up' Tatkal Scheme' for quick process of passport, If we apply for a normal passport. individualities who need to travel abroad urgently can apply for tatkal passport and get a passport within a many days.



This scheme ensures that the aspirant's passport is quick verification along with fast processing and it can be issued at the foremost.

How to Apply for Tatkal Passport


1. First of all we've to register on Passport Seva Online Portal.

2. If you have formerly registered also you can login to the portal with your stoner ID and word.

3. There you'll see two options – Fresh Passport andRe-issue. Click on the applicable option.

4. Select' Tatkal' in the scheme given there.

5. Now download the form and fill the needed details in it.

6. After filling the details, you submit that form back online.

7. Fix the appointment by clicking on “ Pay and record Appointment ” under the tab “ View Saved/ Submitted operation ”.

8. Complete the payment.

9. Now click on' publish operation Damage'. Your operation Reference Number( ARN) remains in this damage.

10. Bespeak your appointment at the nearest Passport Seva Kendra near you.

11. Visit the Passport Seva Kendra or Regional Passport Office on the appointment date along with your original documents.