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Now users will get real view on Google Maps, the company is bringing new features

Now Users will get real view on Google Charts, the company is bringing new features 



Tech giant Google is planning to make its hunt and maps indeed better. 

Due to this, the company is bringing Vibe Check and Visual Forward features. 

These features will give users better information about a position. 


New Delhi. American tech mammoth Google is planning to make Charts and Search indeed better. Due to this the company is bringing new features. In the ‘ Google Hunt on Event ’ on Wednesday, Google gave information about the new point. These features will help users to search the world around them in a further comprehensive way. These features include Vibe Check and Visual Forward point. This point will present users a real view of any position. 

Vibe Check is grounded on the formerly available Google hunt point called ‘ Around Me ’. It gives users information about popular locales around them. similar as a popular eatery or a position with real- time data. This data will also include prints and reviews of popular neighborhood locales. 


visual forward

Google is also rolling out ‘ Visual Forward ’ in hunt machine hunt results. As the name suggests, it'll allow users to get a visual experience of the searched word. This will give better information especially about traveling destination and vacation spots. 

Under this point, Google will show penstocks made from prints analogous to print stories on Instagram andSnapchat.However, the cybersurfer will also show them a companion along with affiliated links, trip spots and images, If a stoner quests for a trip destination. The new point will be available to users in the coming many months. 

immersive view feature

Apart from this, users also get a new immersive view point in Google Charts. It was first introduced at Google I/ O. The new point gives users a 3D upstanding view of the searched area. Google’s immersive view also gives users information about rainfall, business and structures. 


Apart from this, with the help of immersive point, users will be suitable to find effects like ATMs or caffs on their phone screen and get access with an easy navigation interface. According to Google, Immersive View will be launched in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo in the coming months.