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Make way for the Robotic Butler and Waiter to take over Hospitality biz

Make way for the Robotic Butler and Waiter to take over Hospitality biz 

MUMBAI Restaurant- goers at take down counters or automated food courts, as well as posh fine dine outlets can veritably soon anticipate robotic butlers and waitpersons in the weeks to come. 

With Amazon publicizing they were acquiring iRobot, the accession of the maker of the popular Roomba robotic vacuums comes lower than a time after Amazon unveiled its own home robot, Astro. Following Amazon were numerous lower names, which while not as significant as the big daddy, will surely make a mark on the way effects work. 

Amazon’s advertisement was near on the heels of the unearthing of Optimus, Tesla’s robotic creatural. CEO Elon Musk was quoted as saying that “ he thinks the impact of the Optimus could eventually exceed that of the company’s monstrously popular electric vehicles moment ”. 

One advantage both companies Amazon and Telsa have is they can develop and amortize their robotic investments across both their artificial and consumer- facing requests. 


Assiduity has and always will lead in terms of robotization relinquishment for colorful reasons, the most important being economics and that’s incompletely why both companies have invested so much over the once decade in structure and perfecting their robotics platforms; it gives them a strategic advantage in manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, and other corridor of their core business and coming word businesses openings that may come by. 

With two of the world’s biggest tech companies – along with a lot of other big consumer product companies – eventually getting serious about the home robotics request, we should all be prepared for the coming surge of home robot sidekicks – be their souped- up Roombas or robotic butlers – in the coming times.