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Instagram New Feature: Amazing feature like Twitter will come soon on Instagram, you will be able to repost friends’ reels and photos too

Instagram New Feature Amazing point like Twitter will come soon on Instagram, you'll be suitable to repost musketeers ’ rolls and prints too 

Instagram Repost point Using Instagram is about to come further fun. Meta Instagram will soon give druggies the option to repost other people’s posts and rolls. Meta- possessed Instagram company has verified that it has started testing this point and it'll be released to all druggies soon. Instagram says that this point will work the same way you repost other people’s stories right now. 

Testing work in progress 

According to the report, the company is presently testing it with some druggies. Instagram will launch it for everyone on Android and iOS platforms in the coming months after the inventors complete the testing. It has been told that under this point, the Repost point will be available next to the label option on the profile section of the Instagram stoner. 


Now only story can partake 

Adam Mosseri, who tracks the features of the social media app, had formerly told that Instagram will now move towards a print- to- videotape platform. The way Instagram has put its full force on the rolls feature in the last many times, it's clear that the company is working to ameliorate it further so that the king of this field can be challenged by Tiktok. Let us tell you that Instagram druggies presently get the option to partake a post or videotape only in their own story, which automatically disappears after 24 hours. But this won't be after the new repost point. Once the stoner reposts any content, also he'll be suitable to see it on his profile ever. 

The feature will work something like this 

According to the report, under the new point, you'll have to click on the option of share in any print or videotape. After this, numerous options are available in the share option, where you'll see the option of repost. As soon as you repost a post, it'll also appear in the Repost tab given in your profile. Not only this, when you repost a post, also you'll also have the option to write your caption on it. This point is exactly the retweet point of Twitter.