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Instagram gave a special gift to the users on the first day of Navratri, introduced the feature that everyone was eagerly waiting for

Instagram gave a special gift to the druggies on the first day of Navratri, introduced the point that everyone was eagerly staying for 

New Delhi. Instagram It's a popular print participating app around the world. Millions of druggies around the world use this app. Meta keeps adding new features to this app to keep the druggies always attracted towards them. This time Meta has included such a point in its app i.e. Instagram, which Instagram suckers were staying for for the last several months. 


Now Druggies will be suitable to upload up to 60 seconds Instagram story in just one slide. So far, if you have put long vids in Instagram Story, also you must have seen that longer vids couldn't be put in one slide. Till now, druggies were suitable to upload only 15 seconds of videotape in aslide.However, Instagram would automatically resolve it into 15-alternate clips and upload them on different slides, If the videotape was longer than 15 seconds. 


special feature in instagram story

Still this will no longer be. Now druggies will be suitable to upload vids up to 60 seconds i.e. up to one nanosecond in a single slide to Instagram Story. According to the report, an Instagram prophet verified the new point and said that now druggies will be suitable to upload videotape clips of over to one nanosecond at a time. Instagram is all set to roll out this point, and soon druggies will be suitable to use it too. 


Instagram gets the strongest competition from Tiktok. Although Tiktok is banned in India, Instagram keeps on introducing new and special features to keep its druggies attracted from each over the world. 

The length of the reels is now 90 seconds

 Let us tell you that Instagram lately increased the length of the rolls from 60 seconds to 90 seconds. Due to this, druggies making rolls served a lot because they couldn't make rolls with important content. Now Instagram has also increased the length of story uploading. It has to be seen that in the coming time, what other new features Instagram includes in its app.