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Be extra alert while shopping from online sales, otherwise the money will reach hackers, see safety tips

Be Extra alert while shopping from online deals, else the plutocrat will reach hackers, see safety tips 

New Delhi trade Alert Flipkart Big Billion Days trade and Amazon Great Indian Festival trade are staying. In deals, companies offer products for trade at smallest prices. But, scammers also try to take advantage of this. Because of this, if you want to stay down from online fraud, you have to take special care of some effects. By following these tips, you can stay safe and shop with peace of mind. 


Hackers use different Styles to trick you. Fakee-commerce spots have been created for this purpose, according to a report. You'll see spots like Flipkart or Amazon. But, if you visit these spots, you may fall prey to cyber swindles. So one needs to be careful. occasionally fakee-commerce spots are also created. It lists products with abatements up to 90. Due to this, people fluently fall into the trap of scammers. 


But, this leads your plutocrat to cybercriminals. These fake spots are promoted through social media, WhatsApp, Telegram or dispatches. You can keep your plutocrat safe by following some tips. 

Stay safe by 


  • Always check if the URL starts with https// or not before buying online. Then it means safe. When you mouse over the cinch icon in the URL, you'll know the Safety Level of the point. 
  • Always shop online only from Amazon, Flipkart, Shop Clues, Pepperfry and other popular websites. Anti-virus firewall must be streamlined. noway download an unknown website or app from a foreigner. 
  • Also be careful about links in dispatches. Avoid clicking on unknown links. Change your account word regularly. Avoid participating your bank data with anyone.