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Samsung fined Rs 78 crore, accused of showing wrong advertisements

Samsung fined Rs 78 crore, indicted of showing false advertisements 

An Australian judge on Thursday ordered Samsung to pay a forfeiture of AUD 14 million( about Rs 78 crore). This is due to misleading announcements by the company about certain smartphone models being water resistant. The court has given Samsung Electronics Australia 30 days to pay the forfeiture. 


According to news agency AP, Federal Court Justice Brendan Murphy also ordered Samsung Electronics Australia to pay AUD,000( about Rs 1 crore) towards the costs of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The commission started probing phones four times agone

Samsung admitted to making false and deceiving claims about the water resistance of 7 models of Galaxy smartphones in 9 announcements between 2016 and 2018. in them Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy A5( 2017), Galaxy A7( 2017), Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus And Galaxy Note 8 Smartphones included. 


Both Samsung and the commission agree on the fine, the report said. These advertisements promoted the phone’s felicity for use in swimming pools and seawater, but the charging harborage could be damaged or stop working if the anchorages were exposed to humidity and charging. Samsung says the charging harborage issue only affected seven models between 2016 and 2017. In addition, the statement said that “ current Samsung phones don't have this problem. ” 

Reports suggest that Samsung vended3.1 million similar phones in Australia, but the court was unfit to determine how numerous guests entered the defective charging harbor age. An unknown number of druggies had their phone anchorages replaced by authorized Samsung tinkerers. Some worked for free, while others paid between AUD 180( aboutRs.10,000) and AUD 245( aboutRs.13,600).