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How to transfer chat backup from iPhone to Android phone

Transferring WhatsApp Chats From IOS To Android 

utmost of us use WhatsApp, storing times and times of our converse history. There can be delightful moments or details that you need to relate times latterly. numerous of us use WhatsApp for work and in these remote working times, maintaining the converse history backup is more important thanever.However, you may need to transfer your data between them, If you ever resettle from an iPhone to an Android device. 

preliminarily, if an iPhone stoner turned on WhatsApp’s pall backup point, the converse library was stored on Apple iCloud, while Android bias backed up data to Google Drive. This made it nearly insolvable to transfer the exchanges between bias not running the same zilches. Luckily, the new update now lets you resettle your data between these two platforms. This capability first launched on Samsung phones running Android 10 and it's now also available on new smartphones that launch with Android 12. 

effects you need 

A Type- C to Lightning string. Yes, thatit.However, there are chances you formerly have it, If you're using an iPhone 11 or any newermodel.However, Reliance Digital has numerous options, with some that are priced as low as Rs, If not. 999 *. Before you begin the migration process, there are a many effects to flash back . Make sure you're using a new Android device or an Android 12 phone that’s been restored to the plant settings. Your iPhone and Android device should run on the rearmost interpretation of WhatsApp. 

How to resettle from iPhone to Android 

Step 1 

Connect your Android device to iPhone using a Type- C to Lightning string. 

Step 2 

Open WhatsApp on your Android device. A QR law will pop up on your Android phone’s screen. 

Step 3 

overlook the QR law from your iPhone by tapping on Settings> Chats> Move Chats to Android. Keep your phone uncorked during this process. Once the app prepares a backup, valve on launch Transfer. 

Step 4 


Your exchanges, prints, and other media will now start moving to your new Android device. Make sure you do n’t use both bias during the transfer process. 

Flash back, WhatsApp will stop working on your aged phone after transferring all the data. still, you can keep using it on both Android and iOS at formerly with WhatsApp’sMulti-Device Beta point. It lets you have up to 4 fresh secondary bias along with your primary phone running the same WhatsApp account contemporaneously. 


To spark this point, follow these way. 

Step 1 

Open WhatsApp Web on your secondary device’s internet cybersurfer. Request the webpage in the Desktop Mode. 

Step 2 

On your primary device, go to WhatsApp> Settings> Linked bias. 

Step 3 

Tap on theMulti-Device Beta, also valve on Join Beta. 

Step 4 

In the bias section, valve on the Link a Device button. 

Step 5 

Point your camera towards your secondary device to overlook the QR law. 

That’s it. Now, you can use WhatsApp on your both your phones without being connected to the same network. Since the point is still in beta, the overall stoner experience is n’t as smooth as the primary device. exchanges can occasionally take time to load, and downloading images and lines take a bit longer. This should get better with unborn updates. 

presently, the converse migration point is only available for Android 12 bias, which is a bummer if you want to use an aged Android device. There's no sanctioned word from WhatsApp, but we might see this point coming to aged Android performances in the coming months. To know about similar features and everything rearmost about technology, keep following us on