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How to apply for passport online in India? This is the way...

Passport Operation Online 

You can apply for a passport online at the sanctioned Passport Seva website. The Ministry of External Affairs presently processes all passport operations online, so if you wish to renew or apply for a new passport, you will have to go via the online operation process. 


How to Apply for a Passport Online? 

Passport Seva log- in 


Step 1 :- Visit the sanctioned website of Passport Seva & Click on the ‘ APPLY ’ section. 

Step 2 :- If you're an being stoner, you can login using the stoner ID and word. 

Step 3 :- If you're a first- time stoner, you'll have to register and produce an account. Follow the way below to register 

Step 4 :- Click on ‘ Register Now ’ by clicking on this link. 

Step 5 :- Enter the login ID & word. Enter the captcha law and click on ‘ Register ’. 


Choosing the operation Type 


 After logging in, you'll have to choose services 


  •  Fresh passport/ passport reissue 
  •  Politic passport/ functionary passport 
  •  Police Clearance Certificate( PCC) 
  •  Identity Certificate 


Filling the Application Form 


Filling in the operation form can be done online or offline. To fill in the operation form offline, follow the way given below 


Step 1 :- Click on the link handed to download the operation form in soft dupe. 

Step 2 :- A link to an electronic dupe of the following forms will be displayed. Download the applicable form grounded on your operation type 

  •  Fresh/ reissue 
  •  Police Clearance Certificate 
  •  Politic/ Functionary 
  •  Identity Certificate 

Step 3 :- Fill in the operatione-form and click on the ‘ Uploade-form' link. 

Step 4 :- Upload the filled- in operation form. 

You can also fill in the operation form online and submit the same. You can also incompletely fill- in the form and complete the process at a after date. It's judicious to check the form formerly before submitting it. 

Step 5 :- Schedule, Pay & Book the appointment 

Once you have filled in the form, you'll have to pay a figure. You can either pay the figure online or visit the nearest Passport Seva office to make the payment where you'll also have to submit the operation form and the necessary documents. You'll also have to record an appointment at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra( PSK) or applicable passport authority. reserving an appointment can be done as mentioned below 

Step 1 :- Go to the ‘ Applicant Home ’ runner & click on the ‘ View Saved/ Submitted Applications ’. 

Step 2 :- The submitted operation form details will be displayed. Choose the ARN of the form you have submitted. 

Step 3 :- Click on ‘ Pay and record Appointment ’ option from the bones handed. 

Step 4 :- Next, choose the mode of payment from among the two handed,viz. Online payment and Challan payment. 


Note :- If paying for tatkaal movables , the online figure is the same as a regular passport figure. The balance quantum is to be paid at the PSK on the appointment date. The payment can be made online too via credit card, disbenefit card, net banking, or SBI Bank challan. still, you can move on to reserving the appointment incontinently, If you're paying online.However, you'll have to do the following 

  • Take the challan to an SBI branch and pay the needed quantum in cash.( Note This can be done only after 3 hours of challan generation, which is valid for 85 days.) 
  • Next, collect a dupe of the challan from the entering bank labor force. 
  • The bank takes 2 days to corroborate the ARN details handed on the challan. 
  • Successful payment of the freights will be displayed on the websitepost-verification where the aspirant can ‘ track the payment status ’. An dispatch update is also transferred. 


Cataloging the appointment 

 Follow the below mentioned way to record an appointment 

Step 1 On the ‘ Pay and record Appointment ’ runner, elect the PSK of your choice. 

Step 2 Choose a accessible niche from the available dates mentioned. There, the aspirant is needed to elect a PSK grounded on the available date. 

Step 3 Confirm your appointment niche by entering the CAPTCHA law. 

Step 4 Next, elect ‘ Pay and Bespeak the Appointment ’ 

Step 5 operation details similar as ARN, name, type of operation, the quantum that needs to be paid, contact number, and the appointment date will be displayed. 

Step 6 If you have chosen to pay online, you'll be diverted to the payment gateway. 

On successful completion of payment, you'll admit evidence of the appointment and an appointment number. An SMS with the details will also be transferred. publish a dupe of the operation damage. All PSKs now also accept the SMS for appointment evidence. 

In case, multiple payments are made for the same appointment/ operation/ ARN, the redundant quantum will be reimbursed by the RPO. The passport appointment can be tallied doubly within a time from the date of the original appointment. still if you miss the appointment, you ca n’t register the appointment. 


How to Apply for Politic Passport/ Functionary Passport Online 

Politic or sanctioned passports are issued to those individualities who hold politic status or are deputized by the Government of India to travel abroad on sanctioned duty. This document can also be used as evidence of address and identity. operations for Politic and sanctioned passports are typically entertained only at the Consular, Passport and Visa( CPV) Division, Patiala House, New Delhi. still, you can also choose to apply at the Passport Office attached to the present address of the aspirant. 


The pointers mentioned below will help guide aspirants, who wish to apply for an Functionary or Politic passport online- 


Step 1 Visit the sanctioned website of the Passport Seva Kendra & click on the ‘ Register Now ’ link. 

Step 2 On doing so, they will be given an ID which needs to be used to login to the Passport Seva Online Portal. 

Step 3 aspirants also have to click on the link that reads ‘ Apply for Politic Passport ’. 

Step 4 After doing so, the necessary form needs to be downloaded, filled in and submitted along with needed talkie evidence. 

Step 5 Next, the printout of the completed operation will have to be taken through the ‘ View publish Submitted Form ’ link that's available on the ‘ View Saved/ Submitted Applications ’ runner. 

Step 6 This published dupe of the online operation form will have to be taken to the Consular Passport and Visa Division, Patiala House in New Delhi Passport Office along with necessary documents in original, attached to the current address and submit the operation.