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Best Indian mango varieties: Apart from Hafoos and Dussehri, take a look at another world of mangoes!

Top 12 Most Popular Types Of Mangoes in India 

1. Alphonsos Hapoos – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 

Ratnagiri and its costal regions are veritably popular not only India 

Ratnagiri, along with its neighbouring regions is one of the finest and exclusive hotspot for mango- suckers, extensively notorious for its Alphonso mangoes. Ratnagiri is roughly 330 km from Mumbai and is fluently accessible by highways as well as train network. Available duringmid-July, Alphonso is internationally loved for its golden unheroic appearance and pleasurable taste, also its aroma. Named after Alfonzo de Albuquerque, this luscious king of mango is a summery preoccupation for mango suckers. 

2. Kesar Mangoes – Gir Junagadh, Gujarat 


Girnar hills of Junagadh are veritably notorious as a land of Napoleons and also the juicy Kesar mangoes of talala. This variety of mango is popularly known as the “ queen of mangoes ” in INDIA. Junagadh is ranch from around 320 km from Ahmedabad. Kesar mangoes owe their name for their saffron( kesari) appearance and great taste. Available from May to July, they're largely favored variety for fantastic Gujrati and other dishes. 

3. Dashehari Mangoes – Lucknow and Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh 

Lucknow the land of Nawabs is inversely notorious for its royal and Nawabi Dashehari mangoes. North Indian Lucknow along and all its touching municipalities is a veritably popular belt for its mango. The major farmer of these mangoes is Mahilabad which is located around 30 km from Lucknow. These mangoes are substantially available frommid-May to late August, they're known for their green peels and veritably succulent taste. 

4. Himsagar mangoes – Murshidabad, West Bengal 

One of the veritably know and popular Nawabi metropolises in West Bengal, the megacity of Murshidabad is notorious for a variety of delicious and juicy mangoes. 230 km from Kolkata, this megacity has a good access by highways and railroads. Out of the popular mango kinds Nawab pasand and Begum pasand, Kishan Bhog are most favored mango hotspot of Bengal. Period the Himsagar mangoes are set up is between May to Early June. 


5. Chausa Mangoes – Uttar Pradesh 

This is a type of mango set up in Uttar pradesh typically in the corridor of Harodi. We can say mangoes are salutary for health but comparatively Chaunsa is veritably popular for nutritive value and juicy pulp for time around operation at home fashions. Chaunsa comes substantially in June and available upto the month of august. 


 It has 3 variants within itself videlicet 

  • Honey Chaunsa 
  • Sweet Chaunsa 
  • White Chaunsa 


6. Badami Mangoes – Karnataka 

Badami mangoes veritably notorious mango order in Karnataka. It's called Hapus of Karnataka. It's veritably delicious and succulent. Badami mangoes are veritably sweetest. It has veritably important sticky in taste and analogous to hapus mangoes. The season for these is generally May to July. 

7. Safeda Mangoes – Andhra Pradesh 

Andhra Pradesh is one of the popular belt for mangoes too. Banganpali or Safeda which is also a veritably widest variety of mango has its origins in Andhra. Generally available from March to July due to suitable climatic conditions, this state is also a premier supplier of high- quality mangoes around other Indian metro metropolises majorly. 

8. Bombay Green mangoes – Punjab 

Noway imagined but yes Punjab is another region for wide variety of mango- suckers, which itself is notorious for its Bombay Green mangoes. The Bombay Green Mangoes are little lower in sizes compared to the other kinds like kesar & alphonso. substantially available from May to July as per the summer season. 


9. Langra mangoes – Varanasi 

You can call this bone as one further crusher in the list of popular mangoes. Langra is relatively notorious because of its vacuity and stylish prices that they're offered at. They've fantastic aromas and are available in major metro requests substantially Varanasi. Cultivated by growers from around the area they're packed enough well to other places in the state. If you see the skin tone of langra mangoes is unheroic and veritably pale gives it a veritably fresh look and identity. 


10. Totapuri Mangoes – Bangalore 

These are one hell of a mango with a little thick vestments but veritably nice taste. The mangoes are sweet and indeed used for pickles when they're raw. The shape is round and extensively eaten within the state. The pulp is little different compared to other kinds as it’s not veritably juicy but has a thick texture and great taste. Available between the season, May to July. 

11. Bagnapalli – Andhra Pradesh 

This bone is none other than the royal Bangnapalli mangoes from the land of Andhra Pradesh extensively vended each over India at distant place. You may have seen in the announcements too for the Authorities and pulp that are made out of this variety of mango because of its taste and pulpiness.veritably pale skin on the top and juicy outside. The size is relatively big compared to the other kinds of mangoes. It also got its GI label lately. Again a veritably rich in taste and a affable experience eating this bone

12. Mulgoba – Tamil Nadu 

This is called Hapoos of South. Available between the summer seasons of south India and grown substantially in Tamil Nadu. 

These all kinds are huge part of Indian food extensively used in Indian bills, Authorities, Pickles, Daily refections, Chutneys, Ice Creams etc.