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7 Oldest Languages in the World

7 Oldest Languages in the World 

still, you’d be wise to choose one of the oldest languages still spoken moment, If you want to learn one of the oldest languages in the world in 2022. 

utility combined with a rich verbal history? 

Sounds ideal. 

We ’ve done our exploration and collected what we believe to be the 10 oldest languages in the world that are still in use moment. 


Timeline of the world’s oldest languages spoken moment 

1. Egyptian 2690 BC – Present( circa. 4700 times old) 

2. Sanskrit 1500 BC – Present( circa. 3500 times old) 

3. Greek 1450 BC – Present( circa. 3500 times old) 

4. Chinese 1250 BC – Present( circa. 3300 times old) 

5. Aramaic 1100 BC – Present( circa. 3100 times old) 

These elegant and ancient languages have long histories. They ’ve changed and acclimated over the centuries and glories. And moment, you can learn them and still find companions to make discussion with. 

How cool is that? 

And so, with that, we give you the 10 oldest languages in the world that are still spoken moment. 

The world’s 7 oldest languages in the world 


1. Egyptian – 2690 BC( circa. 4700 times old) 


The first given language ever was a proto- language on the African mainland, and the first known proto- writing system was created in Nigeria. 

So, it's maybe no surprise that the oldest language on this list is also from and used in Africa – Egyptian. The first given complete judgment in Ancient Egyptian was recorded in roughly 2690 BCE, making it over 4700 times old. 

While the Egyptian language by and large has n’t been spoken by regular people since the nineteenth century( which is, sorely, why you do n’t see a lot of hieroglyph keyboards for trade, as cool as that would be), it's technically still in use moment. 

The language descended from Ancient Egyptian that survives moment is called Coptic, and it’s primarily used as the liturgical language of the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria and the Coptic Catholic Church. 

But hey, that’s enough remarkable, especially after over 4500 times! 


2. Sanskrit – 1500 BC( circa. 3500 times old) 


With its oldest textbooks dating back to around 1500 BCE, Sanskrit is presumably the alternate oldest language in the world still being used moment. 

Like Coptic, Sanskrit is largely used in religious textbooks and observances that persist moment, with a place in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism. 

still, Sanskrit words and expressions are also constantly used by regulatory institutions – from bullet names to academy mottos – in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and other corridor of South and Southeast Asia. 

Interestingly, several thousand people report Sanskrit as their first language on India’s tale each time it’s performed, though it’s believed no bone speaks it as their first language moment. 


Experimenters suppose some individualities list it as a kind of aspirational mama lingo. 

Anyhow of whether or not anyone’s actually speaking Sanskrit at home, there are clearly people who speak and read it as a alternate language in India and beyond, with entire universities devoted to the study of Sanskrit. 

And, as well as its use in prayer and contemplation, it’s also in use in ultramodern literature and music, and in discussion through loan words that have made their way into other languages around the world. 


3. Greek – 1450 BC( circa. 3500 times old) 


Moving forward just a hair in time, Greek is presumably the oldest language still spoken as a primary, day- to- day language. While ultramodern Greek has evolved significantly from the Greek spoken in ancient times, the language of Greece moment is a definitive assignee of the language of Homer and those who came before him way before him. 

The workshop of Homer are believed to have been composed between the seventh and eighth centuries BC. 

Mycenaean Greek, the first attested( meaning, basically, verified by linguists) replication of Greek first appeared in 1450 BCE, 700 or so times before The Odyssey hit the scene. And moment, contemporary Greek has roughly13.5 million native speakers. Not too seedy after nearly,500 times. 


4. Chinese – 1250 BC( circa. 3300 times old) 


Another contender for both oldest written language and oldest spoken language still in use moment, Chinese is surely both useful and backed by a long, rich history. 

The first attested Old Chinese goes back to a set of eulogies on mystic bones dated to roughly 1250 BCE. 

Of course, there are numerous different language kinds and cants in China moment, so Chinese is a fairly broad term then – but numerous of moment’s most used kinds( including Mandarin and Cantonese) fall within the Sino- Tibetan language family and are descended from the Old Chinese we ’re representing then! 

When it comes to languages that are both ancient and useful, Chinese has to take the top of the list. 


5. Aramaic – 1100 BC( circa. 3100 times old) 

In the hunt for the oldest living language in the world, those not clued in the culture of Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey might not anticipate Aramaic to appear on the list. still, Aramaic is relatively ancient – the Aramaic ABC was the precursor to both the Hebrew and Arabic rudiments. 

But Aramaic, the language spoken by Arameans in ancient Syria and first attested in 1100 BC, has survived well into its 4th renaissance. In fact, among these oldest languages in use moment, it’s actually more lively of a living language than Sanskrit or Coptic. There are nearly between,000 and speakers ofNeo-Aramaic languages in the world moment. Who knew?