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7 Fastest Trains in India 2022

7 Fastest Trains in India Superfast Trains in India for a speedy flight 


In the light of Indian Railroads ambitious plans to increase the speed of the fastest trains in India like to increase the speed of Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto and connecting the major Indian metropolises like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, 

1. Fastest Train in India 2019 Vande Bharat Express- Train 18( 22439), Max Speed- 180 km/ h 

Route New Delhi- Varanasi( First Run) 

With a top speed of 180 km/ hr, thesuper-fast train is worked to run at 160 km/ hr on the train tracks for safety purposes. Train 18 aka Vande Bharat Express is considered to be the successor of the 30- times old Shatabdi Express, is the fastest engineless tone- propelled train in the country and is believed to reduce travelling time by 15 i.e. 4- 5 hours. 

2. Gatimaan Express( 12049/ 12050), Max Speed- 160 km/ h 

Route Hazrat Nizamuddin- Agra Cantonment 

Covering a distance of 188 km, this high- speed train connects New Delhi and Agra in 1 hour, 40 twinkles. Running at asuper-fast speed of 160 km per hour it connects the two most prominent sightseer destinations of India. It's the fastest train in India with services like fire admonitions,bio-toilets, automatic sliding doors and GPS- grounded passenger information system. Like airlines, this train has train visitors. The passengers also get access to multimedia content and free Wi- Fi. Submissive andnon-vegetarian refections are available both in North Indian and South Indian variations. 


3. New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express( 12002), Max Speed- 150 km/ h 

Route New Delhi- Mathura Jn- Agra Cantonment- Morena- Gwalior- Jhansi Jn- Lalitpur Jn- Bhopal Jn- Habibganj

New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the alternate fastest train in India with a speed of 150 km per hour. It runs from Delhi to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, covering a distance of 707 km. The word Shatabdi can be restated to the centenary. It was introduced in 1988 to commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary and was the concoction of Madhavrao Scindia, the road minister of that time. It's completely air- conditioned and provides the tripper with snacks, coffee/ tea, refections and a one- litre water bottle/ 300 ml packaged water. The refections are covered in the booking chow.


4. Mumbai- New Delhi Rajdhani Express( 12951) & New Delhi- Kanpur Shatabdi Express( 12034), Max Speed- 140 km/ hour 

Route 12951- Mumbai Central- Borivali- Surat- Vadodara Jn- Ratlam Jn- Nagda Jn- Kota Jn- New Delhi 

12034- New Delhi- Ghaziabad Jn- Etawah Jn- Kanpur Central 

Having a tie at the third position, the Mumbai- New Delhi Rajdhani Express and the New Delhi- Kanpur Shatabdi Express run at asuper-fast speed of 140 km per hour, the former covering a distance of 1384 km and the ultimate covering a distance of 440 km. Morning/ evening snacks, bottled water, tea and coffee, haze, refections, ice- cream are served in both the trains. 


5. New Delhi- Howrah Rajdhani Express( 12302) & New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express( 12260), Max Speed- 135 km/ hr 


12302- New Delhi- Kanpur Central- Allahabad Jn- Mughal Sarai Jn- Gaya Jn- Parasnath- Dhanbad Jn- Howrah Jn 

12260- New Delhi- Kanpur Central- Mughal Sarai Jn- Dhanbad Jn- Sealdah 

Running at a speed of 135 km per hour, at the fourth position in the list of the fastest train in India, there's a tie between the New Delhi- Howrah Rajdhani Express and the New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express. Howrah Rajdhani covers a distance of 1450 km and is the most prestigious Rajdhani train. It was the first train in India to come completely air- conditioned. Depending on the timing of the train, morning tea, lunch, high tea, regale, or breakfast are served. Thissuper-fast train is an important link between Kolkata and New Delhi, running near to some of the holiest spots like Allahabad, Parasnath and Gaya. 

On the other hand, the New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express covers a distance of 1457 km. Snacks, refections, water, tea and coffee is handed. 


6. Mumbai LTT-H.Nizamuddin AC Superfast Express( 22109), Max Speed- 130 km/ hr 

Route Lokmanya Tilak Terminus- Kalyan Jn- Igatpuri- Nasik Road- Bhusaval Jn- Bhopal Jn- Jhansi Jn- Gwalior Jn- Agra Cantt-H.Nizamuddin 

The Mumbai LTT-H.Nizamuddin AC Superfast Express or the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Hazrat Nizamuddin AC Express running at a speed of 130 km per hour, covers a distance of 1518 km. It runs between the two major metropolises, New Delhi and Mumbai. The trip takes roughly 34 hours and 25 twinkles. 

7.H.Nizamuddin- Bandra Garib Rath( 12910), Max Speed- 130 km/ hr 

Route H.Nizamuddin- Mathura Jn- Kota Jn- Ratlam Jn- Dahod- Vadodara Jn- Surat- Borivali- Bandra Terminus 


The Bandra Garib Rath express runs at a speed of 130 km per hour and covers a distance of 1367 km and is one of the fastest trains in India. Thissuper-fast train doesn't have a closet trainer and is the fastest Garib Rath express. Garib Rath was started to give subsidised air- conditioned trip for long- distance to passengers who couldn't go the fares of the frequent air- conditioned trains. The places and seats are narrower, and every trainer has further places and seats than the usual.