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Dell launches G15 gaming laptop in 5 different variants, starting at Rs 83,990: Know more

Dell launches G15 gaming laptop in 5 different variants, starting at Rs,990 Know more 

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History of fig is 11 thousand years old: It is also mentioned in religious texts, know its interesting history

Figs rich in vitamins, minerals have 11 thousand times old history, know intriguing effects related to it 

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Benefits of drinking warm lemon water every morning

Benefits of drinking warm Lemon water every morning 

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1.57 crore fraud in crypto scam in Mumbai

1.57 crore fraud in crypto fiddle in Mumbai 

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A layer of rock 100 times longer than Mount Everest under the Earth, what does it have to do with another planet?

Under the earth, a rocky subcaste 100 times longer than Mount Everest, what's the connection with another earth? 

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What was the first photo on Instagram?

What Is the First Photo Posted on Instagram and Who Made It 

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7 Oldest Languages in the World

7 Oldest Languages in the World 

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Chandrayaan-3 launch by 2022-end, Gaganyaan manned mission in 2024: Minister Jitendra Singh

Chandrayaan- 3 launch by 2022- end, Gaganyaan manned charge in 2024 Minister Jitendra Singh 

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How to transfer chat backup from iPhone to Android phone

Transferring WhatsApp Chats From IOS To Android 

utmost of us use WhatsApp, storing times and times of our converse history. There can be delightful moments or details that you need to relate times latterly. numerous of us use WhatsApp for work and in these remote working times, maintaining the converse history backup is more important thanever.However, you may need to transfer your data between them, If you ever resettle from an iPhone to an Android device. 

preliminarily, if an iPhone stoner turned on WhatsApp’s pall backup point, the converse library was stored on Apple iCloud, while Android bias backed up data to Google Drive. This made it nearly insolvable to transfer the exchanges between bias not running the same zilches. Luckily, the new update now lets you resettle your data between these two platforms. This capability first launched on Samsung phones running Android 10 and it's now also available on new smartphones that launch with Android 12. 

effects you need 

A Type- C to Lightning string. Yes, thatit.However, there are chances you formerly have it, If you're using an iPhone 11 or any newermodel.However, Reliance Digital has numerous options, with some that are priced as low as Rs, If not. 999 *. Before you begin the migration process, there are a many effects to flash back . Make sure you're using a new Android device or an Android 12 phone that’s been restored to the plant settings. Your iPhone and Android device should run on the rearmost interpretation of WhatsApp. 

How to resettle from iPhone to Android 

Step 1 

Connect your Android device to iPhone using a Type- C to Lightning string. 

Step 2 

Open WhatsApp on your Android device. A QR law will pop up on your Android phone’s screen. 

Step 3 

overlook the QR law from your iPhone by tapping on Settings> Chats> Move Chats to Android. Keep your phone uncorked during this process. Once the app prepares a backup, valve on launch Transfer. 

Step 4 


Your exchanges, prints, and other media will now start moving to your new Android device. Make sure you do n’t use both bias during the transfer process. 

Flash back, WhatsApp will stop working on your aged phone after transferring all the data. still, you can keep using it on both Android and iOS at formerly with WhatsApp’sMulti-Device Beta point. It lets you have up to 4 fresh secondary bias along with your primary phone running the same WhatsApp account contemporaneously. 


To spark this point, follow these way. 

Step 1 

Open WhatsApp Web on your secondary device’s internet cybersurfer. Request the webpage in the Desktop Mode. 

Step 2 

On your primary device, go to WhatsApp> Settings> Linked bias. 

Step 3 

Tap on theMulti-Device Beta, also valve on Join Beta. 

Step 4 

In the bias section, valve on the Link a Device button. 

Step 5 

Point your camera towards your secondary device to overlook the QR law. 

That’s it. Now, you can use WhatsApp on your both your phones without being connected to the same network. Since the point is still in beta, the overall stoner experience is n’t as smooth as the primary device. exchanges can occasionally take time to load, and downloading images and lines take a bit longer. This should get better with unborn updates. 

presently, the converse migration point is only available for Android 12 bias, which is a bummer if you want to use an aged Android device. There's no sanctioned word from WhatsApp, but we might see this point coming to aged Android performances in the coming months. To know about similar features and everything rearmost about technology, keep following us on 

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Now LPG cylinder will get cheaper by Rs 300, know here

LPG Cylinder Big News! Now you'll get LPG cylinder 300 rupees cheaper, know then how 

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Loss of more than $ 1.4 trillion in the last half, loss of many top billionaires including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos

Loss of further than$1.4 trillion in the last half, loss of numerous top billionaires including Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos 

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Good luck to ration card holders, 3 LPG cylinders will be available every year for free

Good luck to Ration card holders, 3 LPG cylinders will be available every time for free 

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How to apply for passport online in India? This is the way...

Passport Operation Online 

You can apply for a passport online at the sanctioned Passport Seva website. The Ministry of External Affairs presently processes all passport operations online, so if you wish to renew or apply for a new passport, you will have to go via the online operation process. 


How to Apply for a Passport Online? 

Passport Seva log- in 


Step 1 :- Visit the sanctioned website of Passport Seva & Click on the ‘ APPLY ’ section. 

Step 2 :- If you're an being stoner, you can login using the stoner ID and word. 

Step 3 :- If you're a first- time stoner, you'll have to register and produce an account. Follow the way below to register 

Step 4 :- Click on ‘ Register Now ’ by clicking on this link. 

Step 5 :- Enter the login ID & word. Enter the captcha law and click on ‘ Register ’. 


Choosing the operation Type 


 After logging in, you'll have to choose services 


  •  Fresh passport/ passport reissue 
  •  Politic passport/ functionary passport 
  •  Police Clearance Certificate( PCC) 
  •  Identity Certificate 


Filling the Application Form 


Filling in the operation form can be done online or offline. To fill in the operation form offline, follow the way given below 


Step 1 :- Click on the link handed to download the operation form in soft dupe. 

Step 2 :- A link to an electronic dupe of the following forms will be displayed. Download the applicable form grounded on your operation type 

  •  Fresh/ reissue 
  •  Police Clearance Certificate 
  •  Politic/ Functionary 
  •  Identity Certificate 

Step 3 :- Fill in the operatione-form and click on the ‘ Uploade-form' link. 

Step 4 :- Upload the filled- in operation form. 

You can also fill in the operation form online and submit the same. You can also incompletely fill- in the form and complete the process at a after date. It's judicious to check the form formerly before submitting it. 

Step 5 :- Schedule, Pay & Book the appointment 

Once you have filled in the form, you'll have to pay a figure. You can either pay the figure online or visit the nearest Passport Seva office to make the payment where you'll also have to submit the operation form and the necessary documents. You'll also have to record an appointment at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra( PSK) or applicable passport authority. reserving an appointment can be done as mentioned below 

Step 1 :- Go to the ‘ Applicant Home ’ runner & click on the ‘ View Saved/ Submitted Applications ’. 

Step 2 :- The submitted operation form details will be displayed. Choose the ARN of the form you have submitted. 

Step 3 :- Click on ‘ Pay and record Appointment ’ option from the bones handed. 

Step 4 :- Next, choose the mode of payment from among the two handed,viz. Online payment and Challan payment. 


Note :- If paying for tatkaal movables , the online figure is the same as a regular passport figure. The balance quantum is to be paid at the PSK on the appointment date. The payment can be made online too via credit card, disbenefit card, net banking, or SBI Bank challan. still, you can move on to reserving the appointment incontinently, If you're paying online.However, you'll have to do the following 

  • Take the challan to an SBI branch and pay the needed quantum in cash.( Note This can be done only after 3 hours of challan generation, which is valid for 85 days.) 
  • Next, collect a dupe of the challan from the entering bank labor force. 
  • The bank takes 2 days to corroborate the ARN details handed on the challan. 
  • Successful payment of the freights will be displayed on the websitepost-verification where the aspirant can ‘ track the payment status ’. An dispatch update is also transferred. 


Cataloging the appointment 

 Follow the below mentioned way to record an appointment 

Step 1 On the ‘ Pay and record Appointment ’ runner, elect the PSK of your choice. 

Step 2 Choose a accessible niche from the available dates mentioned. There, the aspirant is needed to elect a PSK grounded on the available date. 

Step 3 Confirm your appointment niche by entering the CAPTCHA law. 

Step 4 Next, elect ‘ Pay and Bespeak the Appointment ’ 

Step 5 operation details similar as ARN, name, type of operation, the quantum that needs to be paid, contact number, and the appointment date will be displayed. 

Step 6 If you have chosen to pay online, you'll be diverted to the payment gateway. 

On successful completion of payment, you'll admit evidence of the appointment and an appointment number. An SMS with the details will also be transferred. publish a dupe of the operation damage. All PSKs now also accept the SMS for appointment evidence. 

In case, multiple payments are made for the same appointment/ operation/ ARN, the redundant quantum will be reimbursed by the RPO. The passport appointment can be tallied doubly within a time from the date of the original appointment. still if you miss the appointment, you ca n’t register the appointment. 


How to Apply for Politic Passport/ Functionary Passport Online 

Politic or sanctioned passports are issued to those individualities who hold politic status or are deputized by the Government of India to travel abroad on sanctioned duty. This document can also be used as evidence of address and identity. operations for Politic and sanctioned passports are typically entertained only at the Consular, Passport and Visa( CPV) Division, Patiala House, New Delhi. still, you can also choose to apply at the Passport Office attached to the present address of the aspirant. 


The pointers mentioned below will help guide aspirants, who wish to apply for an Functionary or Politic passport online- 


Step 1 Visit the sanctioned website of the Passport Seva Kendra & click on the ‘ Register Now ’ link. 

Step 2 On doing so, they will be given an ID which needs to be used to login to the Passport Seva Online Portal. 

Step 3 aspirants also have to click on the link that reads ‘ Apply for Politic Passport ’. 

Step 4 After doing so, the necessary form needs to be downloaded, filled in and submitted along with needed talkie evidence. 

Step 5 Next, the printout of the completed operation will have to be taken through the ‘ View publish Submitted Form ’ link that's available on the ‘ View Saved/ Submitted Applications ’ runner. 

Step 6 This published dupe of the online operation form will have to be taken to the Consular Passport and Visa Division, Patiala House in New Delhi Passport Office along with necessary documents in original, attached to the current address and submit the operation. 



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7 Fastest Trains in India 2022

7 Fastest Trains in India Superfast Trains in India for a speedy flight 


In the light of Indian Railroads ambitious plans to increase the speed of the fastest trains in India like to increase the speed of Shatabdi, Rajdhani and Duronto and connecting the major Indian metropolises like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai, 

1. Fastest Train in India 2019 Vande Bharat Express- Train 18( 22439), Max Speed- 180 km/ h 

Route New Delhi- Varanasi( First Run) 

With a top speed of 180 km/ hr, thesuper-fast train is worked to run at 160 km/ hr on the train tracks for safety purposes. Train 18 aka Vande Bharat Express is considered to be the successor of the 30- times old Shatabdi Express, is the fastest engineless tone- propelled train in the country and is believed to reduce travelling time by 15 i.e. 4- 5 hours. 

2. Gatimaan Express( 12049/ 12050), Max Speed- 160 km/ h 

Route Hazrat Nizamuddin- Agra Cantonment 

Covering a distance of 188 km, this high- speed train connects New Delhi and Agra in 1 hour, 40 twinkles. Running at asuper-fast speed of 160 km per hour it connects the two most prominent sightseer destinations of India. It's the fastest train in India with services like fire admonitions,bio-toilets, automatic sliding doors and GPS- grounded passenger information system. Like airlines, this train has train visitors. The passengers also get access to multimedia content and free Wi- Fi. Submissive andnon-vegetarian refections are available both in North Indian and South Indian variations. 


3. New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express( 12002), Max Speed- 150 km/ h 

Route New Delhi- Mathura Jn- Agra Cantonment- Morena- Gwalior- Jhansi Jn- Lalitpur Jn- Bhopal Jn- Habibganj

New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi Express is the alternate fastest train in India with a speed of 150 km per hour. It runs from Delhi to Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, covering a distance of 707 km. The word Shatabdi can be restated to the centenary. It was introduced in 1988 to commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru's birth anniversary and was the concoction of Madhavrao Scindia, the road minister of that time. It's completely air- conditioned and provides the tripper with snacks, coffee/ tea, refections and a one- litre water bottle/ 300 ml packaged water. The refections are covered in the booking chow.


4. Mumbai- New Delhi Rajdhani Express( 12951) & New Delhi- Kanpur Shatabdi Express( 12034), Max Speed- 140 km/ hour 

Route 12951- Mumbai Central- Borivali- Surat- Vadodara Jn- Ratlam Jn- Nagda Jn- Kota Jn- New Delhi 

12034- New Delhi- Ghaziabad Jn- Etawah Jn- Kanpur Central 

Having a tie at the third position, the Mumbai- New Delhi Rajdhani Express and the New Delhi- Kanpur Shatabdi Express run at asuper-fast speed of 140 km per hour, the former covering a distance of 1384 km and the ultimate covering a distance of 440 km. Morning/ evening snacks, bottled water, tea and coffee, haze, refections, ice- cream are served in both the trains. 


5. New Delhi- Howrah Rajdhani Express( 12302) & New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express( 12260), Max Speed- 135 km/ hr 


12302- New Delhi- Kanpur Central- Allahabad Jn- Mughal Sarai Jn- Gaya Jn- Parasnath- Dhanbad Jn- Howrah Jn 

12260- New Delhi- Kanpur Central- Mughal Sarai Jn- Dhanbad Jn- Sealdah 

Running at a speed of 135 km per hour, at the fourth position in the list of the fastest train in India, there's a tie between the New Delhi- Howrah Rajdhani Express and the New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express. Howrah Rajdhani covers a distance of 1450 km and is the most prestigious Rajdhani train. It was the first train in India to come completely air- conditioned. Depending on the timing of the train, morning tea, lunch, high tea, regale, or breakfast are served. Thissuper-fast train is an important link between Kolkata and New Delhi, running near to some of the holiest spots like Allahabad, Parasnath and Gaya. 

On the other hand, the New Delhi- Sealdah Duronto Express covers a distance of 1457 km. Snacks, refections, water, tea and coffee is handed. 


6. Mumbai LTT-H.Nizamuddin AC Superfast Express( 22109), Max Speed- 130 km/ hr 

Route Lokmanya Tilak Terminus- Kalyan Jn- Igatpuri- Nasik Road- Bhusaval Jn- Bhopal Jn- Jhansi Jn- Gwalior Jn- Agra Cantt-H.Nizamuddin 

The Mumbai LTT-H.Nizamuddin AC Superfast Express or the Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Hazrat Nizamuddin AC Express running at a speed of 130 km per hour, covers a distance of 1518 km. It runs between the two major metropolises, New Delhi and Mumbai. The trip takes roughly 34 hours and 25 twinkles. 

7.H.Nizamuddin- Bandra Garib Rath( 12910), Max Speed- 130 km/ hr 

Route H.Nizamuddin- Mathura Jn- Kota Jn- Ratlam Jn- Dahod- Vadodara Jn- Surat- Borivali- Bandra Terminus 


The Bandra Garib Rath express runs at a speed of 130 km per hour and covers a distance of 1367 km and is one of the fastest trains in India. Thissuper-fast train doesn't have a closet trainer and is the fastest Garib Rath express. Garib Rath was started to give subsidised air- conditioned trip for long- distance to passengers who couldn't go the fares of the frequent air- conditioned trains. The places and seats are narrower, and every trainer has further places and seats than the usual. 

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10 Tallest Statues in India 2022

Then Is The List Of 10 Tallest Statues In India 

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How to block a website on your device

How to Block Websites on Chrome Desktop and Mobile 

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Best Indian mango varieties: Apart from Hafoos and Dussehri, take a look at another world of mangoes!

Top 12 Most Popular Types Of Mangoes in India 

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LRD Waiting List

LRD Waiting List 2018 Published along with Final Answer Key & Merit Marks in First week of February 2019. published this Latest Notification on website. Applicant who appeared in Written Examination can check their Result Marks and Merit Number on website and According to marks Merit List will be announced After that LRB will Arrange Police Bharti Physical Test in Feb/March 2019. Expected Cut-off Marks will be Around 65 to 70 Marks as Written Examination Paper was Easy.

LRB Waiting List 2018:

લોકરક્ષક કેડર-૨૦૧૮ પ્રતિક્ષાયાદીમાં સમાવેશ થયેલ પુરૂષ ઉમેદવારોની યાદી : Click Here
લોકરક્ષક કેડર-૨૦૧૮ પ્રતિક્ષાયાદીમાં સમાવેશ થયેલ મહિલા ઉમેદવારોની યાદી : Click Here

For More info Go to Official Website

LRB Waiting List 2018 pdf

released along with Waiting List PDF in of April 2022. published this Latest Notification on official website. Candidates who appeared in Written Examination can check their Result Marks and LRD 2018 Waiting List on website and According to marks Merit List will be announced After that LRB will Arrange Police Bharti Physical Test in Feb/March 2019. Expected Cut-off Marks will be Around 65 to 70 Marks as Written Examination Paper was Easy.

LRB Waiting List 2019

  • Department Name: Gujarat Police
  • Posts Name: LRD Waiting List 2018
  • Post Category: Waiting List
  • Official Website: Lrbgujarat2018.
LRB Gujarat Police Constable Recruitment Waiting list 2022.

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PM Modi inaugurates Deodhar Airport, gifts 16,800 crore schemes to Jharkhand

PM Modi inaugurates Deoghar Airport, other development systems worth Rs,800 cr in Jharkhand 

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Ayurvedic Tips: Everything You Need to Know About Betel Leaf Benefits

Health Benefits Of Betel Leaf And Its Side goods 

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Why Smartphone light is dangerous for health

Know how smartphone light is harmful to your health

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How Does Mental Health Affect Physical Health

How Does Mental Health Affect Physical Health 


Although the mind and body are frequently viewed as being separate, internal and physical health are actually nearly affiliated. Good internal health can appreciatively affect your physical health. In return, poor internal health can negatively affect your physical health. 

Goods of Mental Health on Physical Health 

Your internal health plays a huge part in your general well- being. Being in a good internal state can keep you healthy and help help serious health conditions. A study set up that positive cerebral well- being can reduce the pitfalls of heart attacks and strokes. 

On the other hand, poor internal health can lead to poor physical health or dangerous actions. 

habitual conditions. Depression has been linked to numerous habitual ails. These ails include diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular complaint, and arthritis. 

Schizophrenia has also been linked to a advanced threat of heart and respiratory conditions. 

Mental health conditions can also make dealing with a habitual illness more delicate. The mortality rate from cancer and heart complaint is advanced among people with depression or other internal health conditions. 

Sleep problems. People with internal health conditions are more likely to suffer from sleep diseases, like wakefulness or sleep apnea. wakefulness can make it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep. Sleep apnea leads to breathing problems, which can beget you to wake up constantly.

Around 50 to 80 of people with internal health conditions will also have sleeping problems. Only 10 to 18 of the general population experience sleeping problems. 

While conditions like depression, anxiety, or bipolar complaint may lead to sleep problems, sleep problems can also make being internal health conditions worse. 

Smoking. People with internal health conditions are more likely to bomb than those who don't have internal health conditions. Among smokers, people with internal health conditions are more likely to bomb a lesser number of cigarettes. 

People with depression have lower situations of the chemical dopamine. Dopamine influences positive passions in your brain. The nicotine in cigarettes triggers the product of the chemical dopamine, so smoking may be used as a way to relieve symptoms of depression. 

still, since nicotine only offers temporary relief, you may feel a recreating need to bomb, which may lead to possible dependence . 

Access to health care. People with internal health conditions are less likely to have access to acceptable health care. 

It may also be more delicate for people with internal health conditions to take care of their physical health When you have a internal health condition, it can be hard to seek care, take conventions regularly, or get enough exercise. 


 Physical Health Conditions That May Affect Mental Health 

Your physical well- being also has an impact on your internal health. People with physical health conditions may also develop internal health conditions. 

 Psoriasis is a dermatological condition characterized by painful red blisters on the skin. It's associated with acute stress and depression. 

Individualities with psoriasis experience emotional and cerebral torture that negatively impacts their overall health and quality of life. Stress and depression substantially come from anxiety, smirch, and rejection. 

Being diagnosed with cancer or having a heart attack can also lead to passions of depression or anxiety. Around one- third of people with serious medical conditions will have symptoms of depression, similar as low mood, sleep problems, and a loss of interest in conditioning. 

How to Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health 

 still, you should take care of both your physical and internal health, If you want to ameliorate your general well- being. 

Then are some ways to take care of yourself physically and mentally 

  • Get regular exercise. Exercise is important for keeping physically fit, but it can also help ameliorate your mood. A diurnal 10- nanosecond walk may increase your internal alertness leaving you energetic and in a good mood. 
  •  Eat a proper diet. A diet high in fruits and vegetables and low in reused sugars or fats can make you feel more physically and mentally. Consider working with a good nutritionist to help you produce a diet plan customized according to your requirements. 
  •  Avoid alcohol and medicines. Although drinking and smoking may make you feel more in the short term, they can have a negative effect on both your physical and internal health. 
  •  Get enough sleep. A good night’s sleep is around seven to nine hours for grown-ups. You can also take a 30- nanosecond nap during the day to feel more alert. 
  • Try relaxation ways. Contemplation, deep breathing, and fastening your studies can all help when you're feeling stressed-out. 
  • Develop good internal practices. Try to concentrate on positive feelings and events rather than negative bones                                
  • Seek help from others. Talking with musketeers or family members can help you feel less stressed-out. Getting others to help with delicate situations can also reduce the burden you feel. 

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Gujarat Gyan Guru Online Quiz Competition Registration 2022

Gujarat Gyan Guru Online Quiz Competition by government of Gujarat
The Government of Gujarat will hold a mega quiz competition covering over 25 lakh students through its department of education.

All those above class 9, whether student or non-student, can participate in this quiz. Every week 252 taluka-municipality wise and 170 ward wise winners will get Rs. 1.60 crore prizes. In 15 weeks, total Rs. 25 crore worth prizes and study tour will be awarded.

Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz :

Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz has been organized in such a way that more than 3 lakh students can participate in this quiz.  In the first phase online quiz will be held at taluka-municipality / ward level, in the second phase at district-municipal level and in the third and final phase offline quiz will be held at state level.

The state level winners will be taken to pilgrim places, tourist places, industrial units and development works. The State level quiz will be held in offline mode in a grand manner. The quiz competition will be named as ‘Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz’. It will be launched by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel from Science City in Ahmedabad on July 7.

According to Education minister Jitubhai Vaghani, thousands of questions are included in this quiz competition. A scrutiny committee has been formed for the question bank. The quiz will begin every Sunday and conclude every Friday. Winners will be declared every Saturday. The timing of the quiz per participant would be 20 minutes. The participants will get digital books online for guidance. Every week, ten winners will be declared at taluka, ward, school, college levels

Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Online:

What is Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition
Historic Mega quiz competition for 25 lakh students in Gujarat
Announced by Education Minister Jitubhai Vaghani શિક્ષણ વિભાગ દ્વારા આ Mega Quiz Competition નું આયોજન કરવામાં આવ્યું છે. આ ક્વિઝ કૉપિટિશન માં રાજ્યના ધોરણ – ૯ થી ૧૨ અને કોલેજ, યુનિવર્સિટી કક્ષાએ અભ્યાસ કરતા તમામ વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ભાગ લઇ શકશે. તાલુકા , જિલ્લા તેમજ રાજ્ય કક્ષાએ એમ તમામ સ્તરે વિજેતા થતા ઉમેદવારોને આકર્ષક ઇનામો અને તમામ સ્પર્ધકોને ગુજરાત સરકાર સ્તરે પ્રમાણપત્ર એનાયત કરવામાં આવશે

This Gujarat Gyan Guru Mega Quiz Competition is organized by the Department of Education. In this quiz competition all the students studying at Std-9 to 12 and college, university level of the state will be able to participate. Attractive prizes will be awarded to the winning candidates at taluka, district and state level and certificates will be awarded to all the contestants at Gujarat level

પ્રતિ અઠવાડિયે ૨૫૨ તાલુકા – નગરપાલિકા, ૧૭૦ વોર્ડના વિજેતા ઉમેદવારોને ૧.૬૦ કરોડના ઇનામો મળી કુલ ૧૫ સપ્તાહના ૫ કરોડના ઇનામો તથા ટુર પ્રાપ્ત થશે.
વિદ્યાર્થીઓ માટે આ ક્વિઝ દરરોજ યોજાશે અને ૧૫ અઠવાડિયા સુધી સતત ચાલશે. આ ક્વિઝ માં વિદ્યાર્થીઓ ઉપરાંત રાજ્યના અભ્યાસ ન કરતા હોય તેવા સામાન્ય નાગરિકો પણ ભાગ લઇ શકશે જેને અલગ સ્વરૂપે પ્રોત્સાહિત કરાશે.

પ્રથમ તબક્કામાં ઓનલાઈન ક્વિઝ તાલુકા-નગરપાલિકા/વોર્ડ કક્ષાએ
દ્રિતીય તબક્કામાં જિલ્લા – મહાનગરપાલિકા કક્ષાએ
ત્રીજા અને અંતિમ તબક્કામાં ઓફલાઈન ક્વિઝ રાજ્ય કક્ષાએ યોજાશે.
આ ક્વિઝ ઠવાડિયા માં દર રવિવારથી ચાલુ થઈને દર શુક્રવારે સમાપ્ત થશે. અને દર શનિવારે વિજેતા જાહેર થશે.

દર અઠવાડિયે તાલુકા અને વોર્ડ કક્ષાના શાળા અને કોલેજ/યુનિવર્સિટી વિભાગને પ્રતિ સ્પર્ધક દીઠ ક્વિઝ નો સમયગાળો ૨૦ મિનિટનો અને ક્વિઝ માં ૨૦ મિનિટ નો રહેશે.

Registration Link – 7મી જુલાઈ 2022ના રોજ જાહેર કરવામાં આવશે
Prize and Rewards of Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz – ઇનામો
પ્રતિ અઠવાડિયે ૨૫૨ તાલુકા – નગરપાલિકા, ૧૭૦ વોર્ડના વિજેતા ઉમેદવારોને ૧.૬૦ કરોડના ઇનામો મળી કુલ ૧૫ સપ્તાહના ૫ કરોડના ઇનામો તથા ટુર પ્રાપ્ત થશે.

How to Apply Register for Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition

ગુજરાત જ્ઞાન ગુરુ ક્વિઝ 2022

દર અઠવાડિયે તાલુકા અને વોર્ડ કક્ષાના શાળા અને કોલેજ/યુનિવર્સીટી વિભાગને પ્રતિ સ્પર્ધક દીઠ ક્વિઝનો સમયગાળો 20 મિનીટનો અને ક્વીઝમાં 20 ક્વિઝ રહેશે. દરરોજ 250 ક્વિઝની ડિઝીટલ પુસ્તિકા સ્પર્ધકોને માર્ગદર્શિકા તરીકે ઓનલાઈન પ્રાપ્ત થશે. તે ઉપરાંત દર અઠવાડિયે તાલુકા અને વોર્ડ કક્ષાના, શાળા અને કોલેજ/યુનિવર્સીટી વિભાગનાં દસ-દસ વિજેતાઓ જાહેર કરવામાં આવશે.

How to Registration Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz competition 2022

The quiz will be announced on July 07, 2022. It will be launched by Honorable Chief Minister Gujarat Sh. Bhupendra Patel From Science City Ahmedabad on July 2022.

Step 1- Search Google on Gujarat Gyan Guru Quiz Competition Registration 2022

Step 2- Go to “” website.

Step 3- Go to Registration tab.

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