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NMMS Live Class 2022 By GIET



NMMS લાઇવ ક્લાસ માં તારીખ અને સમય મુજબ જોડાવું.



Happiness doesn't mean getting anything but being content with what you have.  Happiness in life does not come when we achieve something, but comes when the feeling of getting happiness goes away from within us.

A man can be unhappy even in a palace of gold if the desire to get has not ended and in a hut also a man can be extremely happy if the longing to get more is gone.  No matter how much the dissatisfied gets, he will always remain unsatisfied.

Happiness is not external, it is an inner wealth.  This wealth is not acquired by money but by patience.  Our happiness does not depend on how rich we are, but on how patient we are.  Happiness and happiness depend on your thinking.

When it is autumn, then green shoots burst on the trees and when there is sunset, then after the darkness a new dawn is also born.  It is autumn so that the greenery can cover and there is darkness so that we can all enjoy the redness of Arunoday.

Life is also like this.  Here creation is associated with immersion.  One of the main reasons for our suffering is that we see life with only one point of view.  We see life from the point of view of sunset but we cannot see it from the point of view of sunrise.

Don't complain to God because He knows better than us what can be good for us.  That God has emptied you, so don't worry because maybe He wants to put something better in it than before.

  Happiness and sorrow are the two wheels of the chariot of life.  Without happiness, there is no existence of misery, and without suffering there is no meaning of happiness.  Therefore, when suffering comes, patiently take shelter of the name of the Lord and wait with the belief that even if light does not last, how can darkness survive..?


If you think that you have not made any mistake in your life, then you have not even tried to do anything new in your life.  Undoubtedly, the mistake is made by those who try to do something new in their life.

When we try to learn something new in life, then the chances of making mistakes increase even more.  It is better not to make a new effort for fear of making a mistake, it is many times better to make a mistake by doing a new attempt.

One more thing to keep in mind in life is that making a mistake is not a bad thing, but repeating a mistake over and over again is a bad thing.

In life, we must learn from our own mistakes that how can we avoid making more mistakes.  Mistakes are meant to teach, not to scare.

If needed, one should tear off the page of mistake from the book of relationship so that the relationship remains strong.  Just as the diary is not thrown when a mistake is made, but the page with the mistake is torn.  Similarly, if a mistake ever happens in a relationship, instead of breaking the relationship, it is wise to save the relationship by tearing the page of mistake.

Distrust is like a weak brick that causes the strong wall of our relationship to come down.  Therefore mutual trust is the first requirement for the strength of the relationship.  The stronger the brick of trust, the more durable our relationship will be.

Trust is what makes a relationship loving.  When we evaluate everything from our own point of view, then mistrust definitely arises there.  It is not necessary that every time the attitude of our evaluation is correct, so along with our attitude for the sweetness of the relationship, we must also have the quality of feeling the feelings of others.

It is not important to make a relationship, but it is important to maintain a relationship.  Therefore, the joining of relationships can be a coincidence, but maintaining relationships is a spiritual practice in life.