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SEB Primary Scholarship Exam (For Standard VI) & Secondary Scholarship Exam (For Standard IX) Result

SEB Primary Scholarship Exam (For Standard VI) & Secondary Scholarship Exam (For Standard IX) Result 2021


પ્રાથમિક-માધ્યમિક શિષ્યવૃત્તિ પરીક્ષા પરિણામ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો


PSE-SSE પરીક્ષા પ્રોવિઝનલ જવાબ જોવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

What is happening in primary schools?  Is there a Maino Red that can challenge this absurd system?  Where did the teachers go who were full of drunkenness.  In which there was the power of truth which would also prove to the collector that I am a guru and I am the king of my class.  I will decide which child in my class needs what to give and not you!

The teacher's freedom to teach is being severely curtailed.  How a teacher teaches a subject in the classroom depends on his personal skills and the skills he has developed.  Yes, improvements can be suggested, but enforcing those reforms is called cruelty not only to the teacher but also to the child.

According to a government research, the practice of teaching the Gujarati alphabet in a different order has been going on for the last 7 years.  So far we have learned 'K', 'B', 'G' in the same order.  But according to this research, a different type of system like 'no', 'm', 'g', 'j' has been running for about 7 years.  From the time a child is young, he enters the school with a certain kind of kakka rehearsal from the home environment and the teacher follows a different kind of system by putting the years old system on the nave and following the government order.  Think about how much the child will be confused.

This is just one example.  A new fatwa was issued 4 years ago.  Not to use unauthorized literature like 'Desi Hisab' in the classroom.  This fatwa is also because no teacher is willing to use this new system of n, m, g, j, and cannot teach from desi account.  The books of desi accounts from which our fathers and grandfathers learned the basics, half and half, should not be in the class of desi accounts.  Even some of the new generation teachers do not know what is base, half and half.  Today, the teacher and the student have a hard time explaining the fractional numbers because of the removal of these bases, half, and half.

The government can decide what to teach the teacher - in the form of a curriculum.  Can also develop new systems with a new curriculum.  But where is the justice in imposing these systems on teachers!  For thousands of years, this system, which has been transmitted directly from Sanskrit to Gujarati by a scientific method like kanthay, talvya, murdhanya, aishthaya, and dantya, is called unscientific by today's researchers.  So-called government officials have so far failed to prove the rationale behind this.  The government decides what to teach, the government decides how to teach, the government also decides what to teach, and after doing all that, if the result is not in the government's favor, who is to blame for the failure?  On top of the teacher.  Even those poor Bapals are ready.  Holding the head.  Leo Fodo.

The men in the so-called monitoring system of the government visit the school and advise the teachers and report whether the work is done as per the instructions given by the government.  In general it should happen that the knowledge of the teacher evaluator should be more than the teacher.  This does not happen at all.  It just means from the paper.  That every system of government must succeed on paper.  However, the poor servant is not to blame for this either.  Servants of this letter cannot go back to private schools and suggest any of these.  Everything runs there.  There is also a country account and books made in one's own way.  No one can go to a Maino Lal private school and tell an unqualified teacher that you should not teach like this.  The trustees depart from the office.  Moreover, the government should defend the fact that "private schools teach students to read, write and count. The educational quality of the people is better than ours." Doesn't the quality of education include the holistic development of the child?  Some schools even run in 10 * 10 rooms.  Will quality be maintained there?  The government allocates 25% reserve under RTE for admission in such private schools.  This literally means that the government does not have the capacity to build or sustain schools.  For the overall development of the students in such a school with 10 * 10 rooms, the government pays Rs. 10,000 per student as per the rule of RTE.  Fees and stationery costs Rs 3000.  Will these schools be able to teach Kabaddi or Kho-Kho to the students and bring it to the district level?  Does quality education mean only reading, writing, arithmetic?  No appreciation for the student's intuition and skills!  Stationery costs Rs. 3000 to a student who gets admission under RTE in a private school.  And the scholarship for a child studying in a government school is only Rs.500 including Rs.300 for a uniform.  Scholarship of Rs.  Where is the justice?  Only Rs 200 scholarship for children who really need stationery.


When a single system lasts for at least ten years, it yields good results.  The English textbook was changed 3 times in my 8 year job.  The Pragya approach still reached some schools where it was even closed.  The situation today is that a child who is 4 years old from Pragya approach will now study with a normal book.  The teacher is also confused as to why teaching in this.  Now the government is claiming that children in government schools are weak in reading, writing, arithmetic.  Whose fault is it?

Teacher's?  Yes teacher. It is the teacher's fault that he did not protest without thinking about the future as soon as it was implemented.

It is the teacher's fault that he did as he was told.

It is the teacher's fault that he forgot the student interest in sending good statistics to the government

It is the fault of the teacher that not once did any of the teachers union or teachers, honestly or courageously oppose such an absurd system.

The teacher has to decide what to serve the student in the classroom, what social and mental capacity the student has.  But today's teacher is not alone in gathering evidence of all these things.  Where is the time left to teach the course with proper planning?  On what basis do you want results?

Today, teachers and students are struggling to achieve the desired result.  If you are a true teacher, put all the fatwas aside and teach with the interest of the students in mind.  The government does the work of the government, the department does the work of the department, the monitors come and go, the evaluator does and the critics do.  In the midst of all this, it is the teacher's job to make sure that the student's interests are not compromised.  No one has the strength to tell you anything if this student interest is in focus.  God will protect you.

In one school, a teacher protested.  The teacher bravely knocked on the door of the district level officer.  The teacher was suspended.  The village was a village school.  As soon as the news reached the village, the whole village gathered and surrounded the officer's vehicle.  And the order was immediately revoked.  The karma and diligence of the teacher won over the ego of the officer.  He who does karma without expectation is called a karmayogi.  Such a karmyogi should not be offended.

SEB Primary Scholarship Exam (For Standard VI) & Secondary Scholarship Exam (For Standard IX) Result 2021

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Pravasi Shikshak Bharti babat Important Letter

પ્રવાસી શિક્ષક તાસ દીઠ માનદ વેતનથી (Honorarium Per Period ) શિક્ષણ કાર્ય કરાવવાની યોજના બાબત મહત્વપૂર્ણ માહિતી

પોલીસ ભરતી લેખિત પરીક્ષા ક્યારે યોજાઈ શકે??

Pravasi Shikshak Bharti babat Important Letter


તાસદીઠ માનદ વેતનથી શિક્ષણકાર્ય કરાવવા બાબત 20-12-2021નો લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

પ્રવાસી શિક્ષકોના મહેનતાણા બાબત 20-12-2021નો લેટર વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

 Meher Ahmedabad is of Bhaddarkali

Eat and drink Lilalher Ahmedabad

This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad

Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

Looks great on Google's site

But small enough to fit in the heart

The arrangement of High Rise Buildings is as follows

It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring

Twelve doors, dera, mansion

No pictures of living nails

Just the first visit to the kettle

Find friends forever

Ahmedabad is a city of new colors

Ahmedabad, the city of flying kites

This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad

Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

This city is in Biodata

Degree like IIM, NID, CEPT

Fashion, Textile or Computer

No matter how hard it seems

Let's go to the open agaci of ISRO

So the moon seems to have now

Let's ride in BRTS

Future also seems handy

Ahmedabad is a city of gold and silver

Ahmedabad is the city of freedom

This city of yours and mine is Ahmedabad

Everyone loves this city Ahmedabad

Happy Birthday my Amdavad

The framer is ruined ...

My grandfather had a total of 70 bighas of land ... there are so many markets all year round, he just eats and rejoices and if it rains, there will be a few more seasons .... not a single help will come .... hard to eat  That was the situation

At present there are 4 divisions, so there are 17 divisions ... Currently, there is no special farming for 2 lakh seasons this year, most of the time, even if we give it to someone else, one insurance comes in the rest of the year, if there is more or less rain.  ..... Government will pay Rs. 6000 for the remaining honorarium fund ... 1 ... 1.5 lakh will be insured ... Chief Minister has given Rs. 12000 for assistance .... Peanuts 1200 are being sold .... Drug pumps ..  Orni's other weapons help a lot like this .... Many others don't even fill the form ... Due to laziness, not all the brothers have been given land in their name yet, they pay the remaining 24000 installment ...

Pravasi Shikshak Bharti babat Important Letter

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Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2022 Mangnapatrak Babat.

Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2022 Mangnapatrak Mokli Aapva Babat Letter | Upcoming Vidhyasahayak Bharti 2022


There is always some thinking and running with someone inside a man.  If contemplation and association have to be done, why not do the best.  There are many people in the world who waste both their mind and time by contemplation and association without purpose.

Positive energy is communicated through good thinking and association.  The world is full of many people whose past lives were full of vivisections, but in the course of time they not only saved themselves with the right company and right environment, but they also became an inspiration for millions.

If the right guidance is received at the right time and by the right person, the result is also good.  Sattravartis are born in a good environment only.  If circumstances are dominating you, don't be helpless.  Make good literature your companion and change your thoughts into a vision and reach the peak from zero.

The protection of the people of the nation is the first responsibility of the nation for which a vaccine to get out of the current Corona epidemic has come to India at a time when the vaccine is the only way to give a commendable benefit to the citizens of the country.

Today, on behalf of Sabarkantha District Education Family, Revered Shri Chaudhary Saheb D.P.  E.  Vaccination has been started from Sabarkantha District Shikshan Parivar under the guidance of O Shri.  The staff family, all the Taluka Primary Education Officers, all the BRC Coordinators etc. have made a commendable start by taking the vaccine at the primary stage.

In the near future, all the teachers of the district will be vaccinated as part of the Front Warriors and will be a good part of the national security.

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Jillafer Badli Form in Word pdf and Excel Format

Jillafer Badli Form in Word pdf and Excel Format Download


Download 2019 Jillafer nu pdf Form : Click here

Download Jillafer Badli Form excel zip File : Click Here

Ms Word File (Patrako) : Download

Jillafer Arji vikalp

Jillafer Arji

Jillafer badli Angenu pramanpatra

Jillafer Arji (Aras-Paras)

Jillafer Arji - BAHEDHARI

Jillafer Arji - PATRAK

Jillafer Arji - NAMUNO

Jilla badli - DAMPATI

Jillafer badli Arji Tabdil karva mate vikalp

Jillafer chhuta Arji 

Only by doing good works does a person become great.  The ideological tendency must be constructive.  On the day the auspicious thought takes the form of creation, on that day, God also starts to swing with joy.

  Do something that the society should progress.  The society goes on the path of progress by becoming healthy, virtuous so that everyone is well.  This is what the Vedas say when you do your welfare in every way, then don't run after money, enjoyment.

I took a lot from the world, now it's my turn to give.  Now live to give, not to take.  Do not forget this life is temporary.  Therefore honor each moment of life.  If death comes, nothing will happen.  Neither this body, nor desires, nor fantasies, nor wealth.  Everything will end with you.


  "Corona"  and  "Marriage" both look the ...._

1 Corona is done by shaking hands and marriage is done by shaking hands .....

2. Knowing in both

3. The medicine of both is not yet discovered

4. Four rounds of marriage and four steps of lock down ...

5. Occurs from the union of both men.

6. The effect increases in both as time goes by

7. Both have to be home quarantined. Release after 14 days in Coronama and release after seven births in marriage.

8. In weddings, the bridegroom is warned, and in Corona, too, he is warned.

9. After the fourth round of marriage and after the fourth round of coronama, one is allowed to wander.

10. In Corona disease water flows from the nose while in marriage water flows from the eyes.

11. Corona virus came from China, another came from father-in-law, both are safe where they came from.

12. In both the diseases the effect is only around the heart

A mother  boils and

Boil  blood  in the second ... 

Jillafer Badli Form in Word pdf and Excel Format Download 

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