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Date 14-9-2021 Home Learning Videos (Std.1 to 12)

Home Learning Videos Date 14-09-2021

Since he was born, 2 words have been running with him continuously: line and bribe.  The father was standing in line to get the birth certificate, the other side was standing in the line to get enrolled in the school, then in the voting line, in the ration line, in the government college, for the admission in the line, and for the job, he was in the line .... but this  The habit of all the lines is now working .. Now for the bed, for the oxygen, for the medicine in the line that is standing every day ..

Home Learning Date: 14-09-2021

Std.1 ગણિત : Video
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Std.7 અંગ્રેજી/ સામાજિક વિજ્ઞાન : Video
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Std.12 રસાયણ વિજ્ઞાન : Video

but he could not give the bribe to break this line today!  Going to collect 10 thousand of one injection ... the line is broken, the breath of the one who is broken .. but look at the luck ...
he is standing in the line after he dies !!  Even at the cremation, the line has a bribe of Rs 2,000 ...!  In fact, these lines and bribes came out like LIC ... "Life or companionship, or even life or after ..!"

Hon'ble CM Saheb and PM Saheb to the public
If you do not have a driving license, you will be fined Rs.1000 and ,,,,,

PUC fines Rs 500 ...
1000 / - penalty of insurance ...
1000 / - fine of mask ...
1000 / - fine for seat belt ...

So now the government has ,,,,,

How much penalty if there are not enough beds in the hospital ???

How much penalty if there is not enough oxygen ???

How much penalty if there is not enough ventilator ???

How much penalty if there is not enough vaccine ???

How much penalty if there are not enough injections ???

The government does not even have the answer to all this.
So is the public just to pay the fines ??

If you agree with me, please share.

Important Notice

Student friends, the study of std 12 has started, so for the purpose of proper preparation of que of theory for board exam and also practice of writing que, online theory exam will be held on Saturday 8-5-21 next week at 8:30 pm.  Will be taken during 9:30 am in which one theory per m3 que per subject will have to be written in the presence of the guardian. Students who do not have a guardian will not have their paper checked.
Theory que you will find in the WhatsApp group on Monday

This exam will be taken only on Saturday in each week

After writing the paper of theory, you have to create a pdf by sending a photo of each page of the paper in 10 minutes on the WhatsApp no ​​of the teachers allotted next to your roll no.
It is mandatory to write roll name and sub in pdf file name.  No one is going to just send photos.  Paper will not be checked if photos are sent except pdf

Date 14-9-2021 Home Learning Videos (Std.1 to 12)