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Man's words do not speak but his rites speak.  The word is the most effective and accurate basis for evaluating the sacraments of a human being.

   Humility in nature, sweetness in words and devotion to duty in deeds are the hallmarks of these best rites.  This literally means that you have been brought up in the best rites.

Human life is a shop then tongue is the lock of that shop.  Only when the lock in the form of tongue is opened, it is known what is inside it, virtue in the form of diamonds or superstition in the form of coal ..?

It is assumed that words do not have teeth, but when words bite, they cause a lot of pain.  Sometimes the wounds are so deep that life goes away but the wounds of words cannot heal.

  Therefore, whenever you speak in life, speak in a dignified manner so that no question mark can be raised on your rituals by anyone else.  One more thing, it is many times better to become silent by using bad words.

Even if we teach in classrooms, a lot of education will improve ...

There are celebration circulars 10 days in a week.

The details of the grant of SMC training are .. Special check the details of the school in which the grant has not been deposited ... If not, check the account number specially .. If there is a problem by 2 pm today, let me know ...  If there is a problem with another school along with the problem, it will also be solved ...

Don't let me teach you last year,
Put in a specialist, put in training, put in a board exam, come to school, if there is a celebration of Tagaddhinna Day

When to teach NCERT ????

Then I got so bored that sister ..... Corona stopped everything
.  Mansukhbhai Kari is a man in our village who has been closed for 11 months ... He always talks about crores ... His impression is also famous in the whole area from  Mansukh Crorepati  ... He never speaks badly ...

At present, he had his own land and 2 jcb machines.

God also gives priority to deeds ... I will give something only if I do something

Now all the flowers are in the copy .... all of us .... so the situation becomes such that it becomes difficult to write a new post ... often one has to repeat in one post group .... friends with survey copy one every day.  Even if you get a new post, everyone should get a new one for their group every day ....

Created a separate group for copy paste ... in which everyone will give a new post of their own and will get many posts.