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Date 6-8-2021 Home Learning Videos (Std.3 to 12)

Home Literacy vids Date06-08-2021 


awaiting others is like striking your capacities. When you anticipate others to do commodity yourself, also your capability is affected. And you miss animation what you made be. 

Home Learning Date06-08-2021 

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Still, it's painful and if it's anticipated from oneself also it becomes a genius, If the anticipation is done to others. It's dishonest to anticipate from others. The bone

 who expects himself is just tone- esteeming. 

 nothing's love in the world noway diminishes, but our prospects are high. 

 The Holy Writ state that,

" Hope is the latest anguish, the despond of happiness" 

awaiting others is the ultimate anguish, also what's the anticipation for? If you believe in your capacities, you're indeed a lot.

 Everyone has to face several obstacles in life. The personality of some is farther blown down by those obstacles, and some get spooked by the obstacles. There's no deficit of those who cry for obstacles. If there's life now also there will surely be problems. 

 We've to struggle further than the biggest handicap. No thing in the world is lesser than one's resoluteness. Obstacles do nothing, we're the bones

 to do it. 

 Indeed before the problem is present, numerous people dominate it in their mind so much that they don't have enough discretion and thinking to break it. Their capability to make opinions is affected. Smile and face every situation. 

 Conflict- With happiness. With joy, calm mind, face every handicap by trusting in the Lord, the result is with you, just losing courage. 

 Date6-8-2021 Home literacy vids( Std.3 to 12)