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Date 31-8-2021 Home Learning Videos (Std.3 to 12)

Home Learning Videos Date 31-08-2021

A young man from the same region made such a revolution with the vigor and passion of showing something new and solid that the media of the whole country became confused about him.

The thing is that Anurag Pathak, who is the Deputy Commissioner of the Sales Tax Department, has written a book on the life of his friend, whose name is ...

Home Learning Date: 31-08-2021

Std.3 ગણિત : Video
Std.4 ગણિત : Video
Std.5 હિન્દી : Video
Std.6 ગણિત/ અંગ્રેજી : Video
Std.7 ગણિત/ અંગ્રેજી : Video
Std.8 વિજ્ઞાન/ ગુજરાતી : Video
Std.9 વિજ્ઞાન : Video
Std.12 નામાનાં મૂળતત્વો : Video

The best-selling Hindi language novel has caused a stir all around.  Because this novel is a struggle story of a person who has gone from failure to success.

A small village called Bilgaon in Joura taluka of Murree district of Madhya Pradesh.  Born into an ordinary family in this village, Manoj has been educated since childhood.  Manoj, who barely passed in the third class by stealing in Std-9, 10, 11, said that if he passes the bar, he can earn a living by learning something like typing.
Like every time, this time too Manoj made enough preparation (to copy).  But this time, the newly arrived SDM decided that the contamination of theft must be removed.  They arrived just before the paper began.  Stopped until the paper was finished and did not allow theft at all.  And the children of the whole school failed in standard-12.  Including Manoj.

Seeing the rhetoric and status of SDM, it occurred to Manoj that the people, including the principal, must be a very big man.  And that's when Manoj decided to become an SDM like A Sahib.  But he failed in standard 12 only.  What to do now..!?

Even the people of the house did not support Manoj in teaching.  The economic situation is even worse.  Manoj also worked in a flour mill.

One is poor in education, the financial condition of the family is also bad, I don't even know English ... and Adhurampuro failed in all subjects except Std-12 in Hindi.  So I started playing tempo with my brother.

One day the police caught his tempo.  Manoj, who reached SDM to recommend releasing the tempo, stopped talking about the tempo and asked Saheb ...

'Sir, how do you prepare to become an SDM ...?'  Excited to know the details from Saheb, Manoj decided to pass the MPSC exam and become an SDM.  Dy.S.P.  Also dreamed of becoming.

Manoj went to Gwalior to make his dreams come true and to study further.  There were no places to stay or eat.  I had to sleep with beggars outside a temple for three or four days.  Sometimes I didn't even get to eat.

During this time, Manoj got a job as a pawnbroker in a library.  Various literary programs were organized there by the Central Indian Sahitya Sabha.  Poet conventions were also held.  Manoj used to make bedding in it and arrange tea and water for the guests.  After everyone was gone, Manoj would close the library and practice speaking for hours in front of the mic and gaining stage power.  Because it never happened until he graduated that he gave a speech on a stage.

Manoj also wrote diaries while working in the library.  It seemed to me that someone would come into my life.  Will read my diary.  Will know my problems.  Will explain to me ... will give me warmth ...

People used to make fun of him when he went home during the holidays.  'What will I do after studying in the city.  ?  Back here, the village has to do such work

Date 31-8-2021 Home Learning Videos (Std.3 to 12)