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Vivekananda ji used to say that it is not possible to achieve the great goal without great sacrifice.  If the goal of your life is great then forget the idea that you will achieve it without sacrifice and surrender.
Big goals cannot be achieved without big sacrifices.  After enduring many blows, the form of God hidden inside the stone is revealed.  If you want to reach the peak, you have to forget the suffering caused by the pebbles of the road.

    Sometimes your life is evaluated not by achievement but by your sacrifice.  Granted there is a lot to gain in life but not enough because there is a lot to lose.  A lot of things must be achieved in life but many things must also be given up in life.
Achievement is not only a challenge of life, renunciation is also a challenge for life.  So life should be lived on two conditions.  The first is to achieve something in life and the second is to sacrifice something in life.

To complete a life you have to not only receive but also give up.  And after self-contemplation, what is to be achieved and what is to be renounced?  This too you will easily understand.  In order for a flower to become everyone's favorite, the fragrance has to be returned.

Do not give advice to such people, no matter who, no matter when, no matter who.  Doing so will hurt them.  And wise men will mock them.  Later on, they will be sad to see their humiliation.
  Swami Vivekananda Parivrajak

Jai Shri Suryanarayana

"How to always be happy?
            Never unrest, surefire way to never be "

'Manah Prasadah:' The happiness of the mind is called Manah Prasadah.  Happiness arising from the coincidence of object, person, country, time, circumstance, event, etc., cannot last forever;  Because the thing that originates is not permanent.

   But vices - the permanent and natural happiness that is manifested when one is disconnected from evil deeds, remains forever and the same happiness comes to the mind, intellect, etc., which never causes unrest in the mind, i.e. the mind is always happy.

When are there disturbances in the mind?  When man has resorted to perishable things like wealth, wife, son, etc., all those things are going to come and go, not permanent.

Therefore, due to their coincidence, there is a stir in his mind.  If the seeker leaves the recourse of non-existent things and takes recourse to the ever-living Lord, then there will never be any unrest in his mind regarding the coincidence separation of the material person etc.

The way you go to the market to buy an item, you get it only after paying a fair price.  In the same way, everything we get in life has to pay some price.