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Matter of doing primary school time in the morning.

Matter of doing primary school time in the morning.

Prathmik Shala no Samay Babat 31-07-2021

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Tolerance - Durgesh Upadhyaya Swami Vivekananda Once traveling in a train Swamiji was listening to all these things in peace.  Two Englishmen lived in the same box.  There were also passengers.  That's when a station came.  Standing in the car he remained Swami Vivekananda in English.  
Swamiji did as much as he could about calling the station-master, he and the station-master did not know in nice English language that the same Swami who was sitting in front of him talked and asked for water.  Is Vivekananda.  The station master, being acquainted with Swamiji, ordered water and the station master said, 'Vivekanandaji, take water.'  

Then those two Englishmen were crushed.  As the car pulled up, the English traveler asked, “Are you Swami Vivekananda?  Swamiji said ‘yes’.  "Then why didn't you get angry after listening to us?"  You know english  The Englishman asked.  Swamiji said, "Friends, I am angry and do not believe in wasting my energy in the wrong place.  Both of them became a shadow.  C / P, Tejal Apartment, 2nd Floor, Opposite Gita Mandir, Pratapnagar Road,  You don't speak, let your work speak.

Dear friend Patangarsik, supreme remembrance.  I will write you a letter after a long time.  I've been to the shops around you.  I'm just as eager to meet you as I am.  In the past, you used to chew me only on the day of Makar Sankranti on January 15, but now you find an opportunity to chew me several times a year like non-seasonal rain.  Capricorn is my birthday and a holiday reserved for me.