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Ghare Shikhie Std-1 to 8 books 2021 by GCERT

Download Std-1 to 8 Ghare Shikhie books Jun-2021 by GCERT

Std 3 to 8 "Learn At Home Materials - Ghare Sikhiae" by GCERT. GCERT Now publish the books named "Ghare shikhie".Teachers have to distribute the books to the students. download Ghare shikhie books from Gujarat Education Departmnt - GCERT

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ઘરે શીખીએ સાહિત્ય ભાગ 1 સોફ્ટ કોપી બાબત લેટર
ઘરે શીખીએ ભાગ 1ના તમામ અંકો માટે GCERTની લિંક

Ghare Shikhie Material for std 1 to 8

A lockdown has been declared in the country to control the epidemic of COVID-19, to conduct examinations for state colleges / universities, to start the admission process for the next academic year and to start academic work to control the epidemic of COVID-19.  From time to time guidelines have been issued by the Government of India and the State Government to prevent the transmission of Corona virus.  In view of the epidemic of COVID-19, guidelines have been circulated from the letter dated 29/04/2020 from U.G.C regarding college / university examinations as well as admission process and commencement of academic work for the next academic year.

 Considering all these facts, the matter of organizing examinations for colleges / universities of Gujarat state and starting the admission process and academic work for the next academic year 2020-21 was under consideration of the Government. 

Study At Home Books For 1 to 8

Terminal / Final Semester / Year Examinations on UG Courses / Programs as per UGC guidelines  Must be taken from 25/06/2020 as well as the first year of P.G courses / programs and terminal / final semester / year examinations should be taken from 25/06/2020.

Guidelines for the use of masks, social distants and sanitizers must be strictly followed during these examinations.  The duration of the examination should be two hours instead of three hours.  And will have to take the exam in multiple shifts if required.

 Examination centers should be set up at taluka level / local level for conducting the examination.  In case the epidemic situation of COVIP-19 is not normal and the guidelines of social distance cannot be followed, 50% marks will be given to the students of Intermediate Semester 2,4,6 on the basis of internal assessment and the remaining 50% marks will be given immediately on the basis of previous semester.  .

 This scheme will be named Merit Based Progression.  In addition, it can be evaluated as per the guidelines of UGC.  For example, in case the student has got 20 marks out of 30 marks of internal assessment in the university and immediately the student has got 70 marks out of 100 marks in the university examination of the previous semester, the marks will have to be calculated as follows.  If the practical examination is not taken then its marks will also have to be calculated as shown above.  If a practical test has been taken then the actual marks obtained in that test should be taken into consideration.