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DA and HRA Vadhara babat News Report

Rajya Sarkar na Karmchario ne DA aapva babat.

The syllabus of this online quiz competition has been prepared by NCERT.  This online quiz competition will soon be placed on the NCERT website.

The medium of the presented quiz will be English and Hindi.  Our students have a good opportunity to participate in the national level quiz this year.
The purpose is to request schools and students to be aware of the quiz by visiting this website regularly.  Inform all your schools about this quiz from your level and encourage as many students as possible to participate in it
According to the provisions of these allowance rules, the primary teachers were considered as feeder cadre of the Assistant Education Inspector and accordingly the primary teachers were entitled to the first higher standard of promotion i.e. the salary standard of the Assistant Education Inspector.
As there is no promotion cadre after the Assistant Education Inspector for Primary Teachers, they have been given second and third higher pay by the Finance Department on 17/06/2011 

Resolution No .: Pagar - 1008-7-8.A.  (M) was to be met as per the schedule fixed.  Subsequently, under this section oil reference (2), the allowance rules of the head teacher cadre were published in the public notice dated 19/01/2018.  The primary teacher was retained as the feeder cadre of the head teacher as per the provision made by these recruitment rules.

Provision was made in the said proclamation to fulfill the prescribed qualifications for promotion to the post of headmaster or to attain higher rank.  Thus, if there are two vacancies for the promotion of primary teachers as per the notification dated 03/01/2008

For the purpose, notwithstanding any change in the original provisions of all the declarations and resolutions outlined in the context, the following general explanations are issued in respect of those provisions.  

As the primary teacher cadre is the feeder cadre of the head teacher cadre, the primary teachers are entitled to the higher pay scale of the head teacher as the first higher pay scale.  

It is optional for the head teacher to be promoted to the post of Assistant Education Inspector. 

 This means that there is no place for compulsory promotion for the headmaster but only those headmasters who want to get the promotion have to pass the relevant examination.  Thus, the cadre of the head teacher is a solitary cadre.