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Std. 1 to 10: Bridge Course - Class Readiness:

Std. 1 to 10: Bridge Course - Class Readiness: Details of Gyansetu Literature and Link to Download Subject Wise Literature



DATE:-07/06/2021  STD 1 TO 5 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK:- CLICK HERE.

DATE:-08/06/2021  STD 6 TO 8 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK:- CLICK HERE.

DATE:-09/06/2021  STD 9 TO 10 TIME:-8.00 AM LINK :- CLICK HERE.

God bless you," said the sixty-five-year-old, clasping his hands.  The old man was tired.  Rebzeb was sweating from the scorching sun.  There was also a murmur as he spoke.

     Now I was driving to my village.  It was a real afternoon.  The sun was shining brightly.  The atmosphere was unbearably hot and bubbling.  An old man was seen carrying a sack on the road.  Due to the effect of age and the weight of the bag, they could barely bend and walk.  I parked the car.  They immediately moved to the side of the road.  I asked him to sit in the car.  Maybe he didn't believe it.  I said again.  Barely straightening his body, he said, "Ar bhai. I just walk like this ..." As soon as he said that, he started walking again.  They sat in the car as I requested them again.

       "Uncle, why are you doing this at such an age ...? He understood what I was asking."  We fill the abdominal cavity as much as we can.  It is better to be helpful than to be a burden to someone. "- The old man was speaking respectfully. So as soon as he came to the village, he signaled me to get off. He got out of the car and bowed and started walking towards the village.

I was touched by the old man's intoxication and self-esteem.  His two sentences gave me a lot of energy.

The thing was that I had Dr.  He was to join B.Ed. as an ex-student from Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University.  And for that the approval of the District Primary Education Officer had to be obtained.  As this work has to be done within the time limit, I have to go face to face to the office of the District Education Committee.  I did not even imagine such a behavior of the District Primary Education Officer.  Sometimes a person's loyalty, thinking, work ethic can be achieved through small transactions.  Heard about Sahib felt face to face today.  Despite being a Class 1 officer, his simplicity, modesty and demeanor were very common.  Living a normal life, living and mixing is a virtue found in very few individuals.  Not at all proud of the position. But yes, the pride of the position was needed.  This District Primary Education Officer is Shri Kushumansurai Pota Sir.  Then I had to work with Sahebshree many times.  Some of these experiences with Mr. Pota Sir, one of the Jyotirdhars of my life, have touched my heart.