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In preaching to Father Atma Deva in Shrimad Bhagwat Ji, Gokarna Ji says that father can be happy in only two ways.  The first one is disgusted, that is, without being expected, the second being a sage.  Munarekant Jeevan:
Muni does not mean leaving the door of the house and going somewhere in the forest and settling down.  Muni means to approve the mind.  Control your mind, subdue your mind.  The mind is going to trap the creature in many kinds of sins and tragic things.

No matter how much this mind gets, it is not satisfied.  It not only reminds the attainment, but keeps on remembering the lack of what is not received again and again.  Therefore, it is necessary to control the mindfulness of this mind through the shelter of satsangs and great men.
Bisleri-Aquafina-Kinley are foreign companies, selling mineral water bottles and our money goes out of the country.

Only when traveling or shopping in the market
Ask "Army Water".
It is available almost everywhere and is also affordable.

"Sena Jal" was launched by the Army Wives Welfare Association of the Indian Army.  Launched by General Vipin Rawat's wife Madhulika Rawat, it comes in half-liter and one-liter packs.  A half liter costs Rs 6, while a 1 liter pack costs Rs 10.  Other companies sell a liter of water for a minimum of Rs 20.

Since this water is being made by the Indian Army, there is no publicity on television and print media.  The military has no money for propaganda.  There is also a reason for its low price.  Due to the lack of publicity, very few people know about Army Water.

This is where our work begins.  If you ever want to buy packaged water from the market, definitely ask for “army water” from the shopkeeper.

What is a suspension in a government job?  What happens to an officer after being suspended?  And what is departmental investigation?  Learn complete information.