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July 25 Marks ekam kasoti babat Paripatra 1/7/2020

July mahina ma ekam kasoti leva babat Paripatra 1/7/2020

25 Marksni kasoti levama aavshe. 2 divas pahela paper pahochadvama aavshe. Darek balakne paper mali rahe te vayvastha shala e karvani raheshe.

All PAT Question Papers available now in one pdf file.

Atyar sudhini tamam ekam kasoti na Paper ek j file ma.  Dar shanivare levama aavti ekam kasoti na badh a j paper ek j file ma.

Second Semester ekam kasoti Paper ane ekam kasoti Time table, ekam kasoti Paripatra.

STD 6 To 8 Gujarati Medium ekam kasoti Paper Solution All Subject. Standard 6 To 8 All Subject Unit Test Sem 1 ( Ekam Kasoti ).

Primary Teachers may download Ekam Kasoti | Unit Test Paper Solution Standard 1 to 8 for all Subject Ekam Kasoti.

Ekam Kasoti all Papers in 1 file.

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution 2020 is available for all subjects. Gujarat government conducts a unit test every Saturday

Ekam Kasoti Paper Solution: The unit test - Ekam Kasoti will also be organized in Gujarat's primary schools this year.

Gujarat State Education Department Gandhinagar conducts PAT & Unit test & Mass assessment test & Ekam Kasoti education.

Ekam kasoti solution | ekam kasoti, ekam kasoti paper, ekam kasoti paper solution, visit our website to get the standard 3 to 8 unit test ..

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Ekam Kasoti Paper

Ekam kasoti Paper Solution and Adhyayan Nishpati

                            Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Gujarat is currently conducting a unit test in all Government Primary Schools of the state of Gujarat from year 2018. This unit test is conducted every Saturday on Saturday. This unit is tested on standard 3 to 8. And different topics are taken up according to the schedule.

➤ Unit test solution and re-solution unit test

                       This unit is taken into consideration for the test study execution. The main purpose of which is to develop and specialize in children. The unit is then evaluated by the teachers after the test. Thus, this unit test also leads to continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the child. And teachers are constantly evaluating children through this unit test.

      At present, through the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, students are given a booklet to write this unit test. In which to write the unit test, the re-unit test.